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  • You’re going to lend your lawn? How sneaky can you get?

    Oh, I can be plenty sneaky when the situation warrants it *g* Plus, it’s almost my birthday. I’m indulging myself :-p

  • Wow, I can’t believe no one’s taken #5. Love Alex and his accent. I’ll take him for the weekend! 😀

  • *sigh*…just what a girl needed on a Friday morning when there is NO CAFFEINE in the house! I am late as usual, but sure am enjoying the scenery…and if anyone gets tired, or, you know bored (yeah right)…lemme know I have the house to myself for a bit lol! Happy Friday everyone!

  • I’m still drooling over stunning Mr 3 walking in the snow with his snowboard boots (although he’s probably just standing – gotta be hard to walk with his undies at knee lenght), but since he’s already taken, I’m willing to lend my lawn to couple #2 for them to make out on *g*

  • Dude with his undies halfway down trying to walk in the snow with those goofy boots. lol! Wtf is that picture supposed to be? Lord!

    Otherwise, all of these are gorgeous.

    • Christian
      I’m sorry that Lily beat you to tat guy. She always chooses the men with tats, but No. 9 is not Swiss cheese and you can have him for the entire weekend. 🙂


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