Can’t Hurry Love

Title: Can’t Hurry Love
Author: M. Jules Aedin
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Fantasy, M/M
Length: Novella
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5 


Vincent is one unlucky bunny. After an indiscreet rendezvous with a sexy satyr in the supply closet at work, he’s put on probation and temporarily reassigned from the Easter Bunny Department to the Cupid Department. As his penance he’s ordered to motivate one very sexy but surly cupid by the name of Charles Ross, who is effectively on strike. 

Their first matchmaking assignment looks clear cut, an in-and-out (so to speak) task they can finish quickly so Vincent can prove he’s done his time and go back to stuffing Easter baskets. But when the plan goes wrong and Charlie ends up in a love coma, Vincent is put on trial for his slutty bunny ways! Now his only hope is for love to conquer all—including death—and come winging his way. 


Vincent is something of a slut, not uncharacteristic behaviour for a bunny, and he’s always in trouble because he can’t keep his legs closed, and wiggling his fluffy white tail gets all the other myths in a sweat. He is currently on probation because he was caught red handed by the Chief Bunny as he was bent over in the supply closet by Damon, a satyr who is insatiable. Aren’t all satyrs insatiable? For this offence Vincent is reassigned by the Corporation of Mythical Beings to the Cupid Department where his job is to investigate why Charles Ross, a Cupid and his new boss, is on strike. Part of the assignment involves motivating Charles to get back to his job of helping people to fall in love. Vincent soon finds out that working with Charles is very different from being in the Easter Bunny Department where one minute he could be working and the next he could be laid out on a bench having sex.

Poor Vincent sees his chance of returning to the Easter Bunny Department and the world of fun dwindling as each day passes. He hasn’t made any progress with Charles who is just as dour as the first day they met, and he has lots of secrets, but what is gradually coming to light is that the Cupid Department has a quota to meet and Charles does not approve of many of his department’s strategies to achieve it’s targets. It seems that even love potions and arrows are under review to determine whether they are ethical – free will and all that! 🙂 

You will love this original, delightful, imaginative book where you’ll meet all the myths from Greek Mythology including Nymphs, Incubi, Succubi, Faeries (Tooth, Woodland and Sugar Plum), as well as those better known myths like Dionysus, the God of wine and drunken parties. When he couldn’t make any headway with Charles Vincent sought Dionysus’s advice who told him

“Cupids aren’t about sex and love. They’re about romance. Of course, each of them has a different idea of what’s romantic”
“Anyway, Bunny, my point is: Cupids are sweet but neurotic. Keep that in mind if you decide to go for one.” 

But it seemed that the damage was already done and Vincent was falling for Charles. However he had a job to do so he so he had to figure out how to get Charles to do his job and help keep “romance” alive, the sooner the better, so that he could get back to fun and sex since Charles wanted nothing to do with him. 

In one episode at a party thrown by Mizu, one of the Sprites, Vincent reverted to his slutty ways and had sex with just about everyone at the party including the twins, Pollux and Castor, and even he was disgusted at his behaviour and lack of control – 

 he wasn’t sure he was ever going to walk again. After the twins had had their way with him—once each, once together—he’d pretty much taken all comers, so to speak. He was beginning to wish he hadn’t. Not only was he sore, he felt dirty. He was used to being something of a slut—what was wrong with liking a little sex now and then? Or a lot?—but this set a new record even for him. He wasn’t even sure who his last partner had been

Can’t Hurry Love is a delightful, funny book that I enjoyed from start to finish and it’s a wonderful homage to Greek mythology. If you’re looking for a story with an unlikely hero who can’t say ‘no’ to sex, then Can’t Hurry Love is the book for you. Who knew that Jules Aedin had such a wonderful, quirky sense of humour? I didn’t. If I had one minor disappointment in this story it was that I didn’t get to know Charles’ character as well as I would have liked because most of the story was told from Vincent’s perspective. Despite this, you will enjoy this mythical tale of Vincent the Easter Bunny who fell for Charles the Cupid and they lived happily ever after despite Vincent’s slutty ways. Even the cover shows a touch of genius.


  • LOL My first thought was: what? a bunny? Seriously?

    Then I read on and I thought: okaaaaaaaaay.
    Then it progressed to really disturbing.
    Then i thought: yup this is one of those books that fit me 😀

    Thanks for the review 🙂

    • Larissa

      Exactly my first thought. However this story is all about Greek Mythology and you’ll undersgtand when you read it why I was so taken with Vincent. 🙂 It’s very funny.

      • I’m in on that one.

        I also think Vincent is just a misunderstood slut. I mean with a fluffy tail like that, who can blame him?

        • Kassa
          I have never heard of a misunderstood slut. 🙂 You are WAY too forgiving. However, we all agree that Vincent deserves another chance so let’s beat up on Jules for a sequel to see if he’ll mend his ways. But one more slip …. and he’s going to the Hall of Forgotten Myths.

  • Aww, thanks, Wave! I’m glad you liked it. It’s a bit different from my other things, although I usually try to at least have some humor in the background. This was the first time I tried for an all-out comedy, though.

    I was kinda sad we didn’t get to know Charlie better myself. Since Vincent has been showing up to tell me all kinds of secrets about their new love life, I have been considering writing a sequel. Shhh, don’t tell anyone. It takes me so long to write these things you’ll be lucky if it’s even started by Thanksgiving…

    And for heaven’s sake don’t tell Kassa. She’s trying to steal Vincent away from me as it is.

        • Nah
          That’s OK I guess. As long as he’s Charles’s slut. 🙂

          I really never knew you had such a sense of humour Jules. I’m definitely checking out your backlist.

  • That damn one-click at Amazon! It makes impulse buying way too easy. Thanks for this review, Wave. The book is on my Kindle, waiting to be read, along with 9 zillion other things. LOL.


  • Hi Tam
    This is one story that I thoroughly enjoyed and I have already read it a second time. You’re right about the serious overtones in the book and I wish I had more time with Charles.

    • Janey
      I think we’re agreed that this story is inspired. I’ll have to check Jules’ backlist because this is only the second book of hers that I have read and reviewed. I LOVE Vincent and his slutty ways.

  • Great review Wave. Glad you liked this one! I thought it was fabulous. I love all the tongue in cheek humor. Plus Vincent and his tail are just adorable.

    • Kassa
      It’s wonderful. I haven’t read a lot of Jules’ stories but this motivates me to try a few others. Can’t Hurry Love is definitely a keeper and the story was quirky as well as being fun. 🙂

  • I thought this was a really cute book and liked how there was a little more seriousness to the reasons that Charles was “on strike”. But lots of humour and Vincent was an adorable bunny.


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