T.A. Chase Interview Part II

Hi T.A. thanks for coming back. It’s been just over a year since you were last interviewed here. What have you been doing other than writing?

Hmmm….what else have I been doing? Aside from working at my crazy real-life job…not much. Just hanging out with friends, watching my favorite TV shows (NCIS, NCIS-LA, BONES, GHOST ADVENTURES), and going to the movies. I saw Alice in Wonderland a week or so ago and it was awesome. Johnny Depp…totally amazing..lol.

I have noticed that your writing has evolved quite a bit and your last book that I reviewed, Soothe the Burn, was incredibly imaginative and complex. I’m wondering how you came up with the concept of writing a book where one protagonist is made of metal and the other burns inside?

At times, I get these weird thoughts in my head.  Sort of ‘what ifs’. What if in the future, scientists develop ways to turn skin into metal? Wouldn’t the military take advantage of it? Also, Alvix’s condition just hit me as the perfect contrast to Cooper’s. Sure, metal can get really hot, but for the most part, it’s cool, and it would soothe Alvix. It can get a little strange in my brain at times..lol.

Your newest book Freaks in Love is another walk on the wild side. It’s about nuclear radiation that turned some humans into mutants. What gave you the idea for this book? What do we as readers most need to know about the characters?

Gosh, I don’t know what gave me the idea for the story really. Post-apocalyptic stories always interest me. What would happen to humans (if any survived) in the fall-out of a nuclear war?  I do think we’d end up seeing some strange creatures evolve. And if some of them evolved into freaks like in the story, I wouldn’t be surprised. Plus, I just wanted to write something a little different…that didn’t involve vampires or zombies. As for what you need to know about the characters, Magpie can be very annoying and foul-mouthed, but having lived on the streets since a kid, he never learned how to be polite. James is a killer, plain and simple. For the most part, he isn’t interested in being a hero. He just wants to get out of Dodge before all hell breaks loose. But in some strange way, they fit together.

You know what I’m going to ask next. When is the next Love of Sports book going to be released? I just can’t get enough of this series.

lol…I’m not surprised you asked, Wave. Well, Defensive Line is on my schedule to focus on at the beginning of May. I have written several different scenes for it all ready. Yes, you’ll get to see the guys from Out of Bounds and High Line again as well. I can’t write a Love of Sports story without them making an appearance at some point.

You said in another interview that you have at least ten books scheduled for release this year. How do you find the time to write, work full time and have some “you” time? Can you give us an idea of some the books that are scheduled to be released within the next 3 months?

Now the number of my books being released this year has gone up to twelve, not counting the print version of Tabloid Star/With this Ring. At times, it’s a balancing act. If there are edits that need to be done, I might stay home instead of going out with friends or stuff like that. I’ve found that I do most of my writing during the week after I get home from my day job. Then on the weekends, I’ll do edits if I need to, but mostly I just have fun and ‘me’ time.  I have to do that or writing begins to look like a chore instead of fun. Holy moly! I have six books scheduled to come out in the next three months. Yeah, it’s been a great year for me so far. 

Let’s see…in April, I have Duncan’s World releasing on the 4th at Amber Allure. It’s an older man/younger man story. It’s also a story about growing up and coming to terms with your family. The third book in the Home series will be out as well. I don’t have a date yet for Wishing for a Home, but Liquid Silver did tell me it would be scheduled for April. That’s about Derek St. Martin, country’s hottest singer, and Max Furlo, the foreman at Tony and Brody’s ranch. It’s a vacation fling that turns into romance, but there are a few obstacles in the guys’ way before they can find their happy-ever-after. In May, I have Be the Air for You coming out at Amber Allure on the 9th. It’s a rock star, and friends-to-lover story with a Native American Hero. 🙂

May 28th will see the release of Understanding the Past, the sequel to my short story, Understanding Forgiveness, in the Shifting Perspective anthology. It’ll be out at Aspen Mountain Press. Then in June, on the 6th, I have Bastet coming out at Amber Allure. It’s Egyptian mythology meets shape shifters. And Dracul’s Blood coming out June 28th at Total e-bound. Dracul is an interesting story because it’s the first time I actually sat down and co-wrote a story. Carol Lynne contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in writing a story with her. I said heck yeah…lol.  I enjoyed the entire process of working with her and I think our styles really meshed well together. Dracul’s Blood is a romantic suspense story with a new twist to Vlad the Impaler and it’s the first in a trilogy we’re working on.  So there you go. There seems to be a little bit of everything for everyone coming out, doesn’t there?

With new writers entering the M/M field it seems almost daily, do you feel there is more pressure on you to increase the number of books you write just to keep up with the competition? What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of writing today compared to when you published your first book in 2006?

I don’t feel any pressure to keep up with the competition. I’ve just been lucky about being able to get so many books out and, hopefully, keep readers happy with what they’re getting.

Oh gosh, the most challenging thing for me is the fact that there are so many great m/m authors out there, I have to try and make sure my writing is still fresh and my voice unique enough to keep the readers satisfied and willing to pick my books up to read.

Do you feel that the M/M field is becoming overcrowded with all the new authors and publishers?

I’m all for new publishers and authors as long as the quality stays high. If the writing and editing isn’t done well and they’ve only jumped on the ‘bandwagon’ to capitalize on the popularity of m/m stories, then it doesn’t look good for the rest of us who have been here a while. Especially if any of the new readers coming into the genre picks up one of those stories to start with and gets disappointed. But hey, if the writing’s good and the publisher’s professional, I say more the merry. Variety is the spice of life, right?

With the epublishing industry almost reinventing itself over the last 3 – 5 years in terms of the number of publishers, some of which were not even established a few years ago and are now major players, how do you decide to which publishers you will submit your manuscripts?

I stick with the ones I’ve been published with for a while. The only new one I picked up this year is Total e-Bound and that’s because Carol has been with them since they opened their doors. I’m not interested in picking up any new ones at the moment. In addition, while it’s good to see new publishers open up, I’m always cautious about them. No matter how big they become in the first couple of years, I want to see if they have staying power before I would consider making a commitment to them.

M/M romances have become extremely popular over the last 3 years. I remember when I first started reading these books over a decade ago or even longer they didn’t know what to call them, and now this sub genre is outstripping het romances in terms of the exponential growth of its fan base. What do you think is the single reason for this popularity? Do you feel that with the fan base now including more gay men that this shift could have an impact on the type of characters and plots since men traditionally like stories that are more violent and have different themes?

I think/hope the growing popularity of the genre is because people are realizing it’s about the story, not about the gender of the main characters. When a person is reading a story, the fact that it’s two guys falling in love shouldn’t matter. It should be the story and the characters’ personalities that become important. And I’m hoping that people are becoming more open-minded about it. To be honest, I don’t think you’ll see a huge change in the type of characters or stories being written as more gay men start picking up m/m romances, because there are already m/m stories out there like that. It’s just a matter of finding them.

What do you do for fun when you’re not writing or hiding from sharks?  🙂

Hiding from sharks takes up most of my time…lol. Actually, I go to movies. I can’t wait to see Clash of the Titans. Sam Worthington….yum!  Umm…what else? I watch GHOST ADVENTURES. Those guys are crazy…the things they get themselves into and the creepy places they go. I wouldn’t visit some of those places in the daytime…lol…much less spend the night there.

The boyz in the hot tub would like you to visit but they heard that you were too shy, so they asked me to find out whether you would like them to be toppings on your next dessert?

Oh heck yeah…hot fudge, caramel, whipped cream and some boyz..can’t beat that combination. 🙂

They have another question – Have you ever written any stories in the nude? If so, can they come by to watch you the next time?

Considering that lately I’ve been writing at my dining room table, no I haven’t ever written any stories in the nude. I think the neighbors might complain about that…lol. But they are welcomed to join me anytime. I can always use some inspiration..lol

Last question. They were by your house last evening and there was someone swinging from the chandelier. Was that you?

yep…sometimes things get a little crazy around my place and swinging from the chandelier is the only way to work all that craziness out. 🙂

Thanks for being a sport T.A. and I won’t allow the boys within 50 feet of you next time. 🙂

Thanks for letting me stop by again, Wave. As always it was a pleasure.


email: chase.ta@gmail.com
website: www.tachase.com


I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


  • Nice interview! Another question for you: I guess I always assumed, for some reason, that Allergies was intended to be first in a series. Is that the case? If so, any idea when we might see the next one? I enjoyed that universe, a bit to my surprise since generally werewolves aren’t my thing…

  • Thanks for stopping by, everyone.

    It’s people like you, and all my other readers, that make writing fun for me.

    I’m sure quite a few people thought twice about my metal men, Tam…lol. I’m glad to hear that you like it anyway. Magpie is one of my favorite characters. I love his personality.

  • TA,

    Loved the Interview. I’m going to have to go read the first one.

    I can hardly wait for all the books coming out. It is awesome.

    If the line weren’t so long, I would consider becoming one of your Stalk…er…fans. I’ll just stay a regular fan who loves your books and enjoys chatting at Carol’s with you.

  • Great interview as always, Wave. I love coming here. Your support of m/m authors is tremendous.

    TA, your voice is wonderfully unique and I look forward to reading and rereading every one of your stories. You have your very own keeper shelf at my house.

  • Very nice interview. And talk about prolific! I read the “how you do it” answer and I still don’t get how you juggle it all. lol

  • The last two books I read of your’s were Freaks in Love just last week and Soothe the Burn a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoyed both a lot. I’ll be honest, when I read the blurb for Soothe the Burn I though “Really? Metal men, maybe too weird for me.” LOL. But it wasn’t at all and I adored Alvix and though he had the best name ever. I also loved Magpie, he was exactly the type of character I love. Would love to see them after they made it out of town.

    Congrats on all the new releases coming out soon. Looking forward to them.

    Great intereview guys, but next time? More nekkidness in the hot tub kay? With pictures?

  • TA Chase is an exceptional author who takes his readers into worlds we can onlt dream about. He is one of my must buys so of late. Love his writing and more books from TA should makes anyones year.

  • Thanks, Wave. I had a great time as always answering your questions. 🙂

    Morning, Ingrid. I’m thrilled you enjoyed Freaks. I do plan on writing a sequel to it about Magpie and James’ life out in Silver City. Hopefully, I’ll get to it a little later in the year.

    lol…I’m not surprised you would say that, Jambrea. Hugs!!!

  • Thanks for the interview Wave.

    TA I very much liked your latest releases about the post apocalyptic world. I like those types of story. I wish it was april already, I want to read the third book in your Home series!

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