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  • I’ll tell you something, though, guy #1A is awfully damn fine. He looks like a sculpture! I wonder what it’s like to have a body that perfect? Because I would NOT know.

  • Ally Blue was at the evil evil EDJ and didn’t get to stop by for her young’un today. Sigh.
    Well guess what?? I put #12’s clone in my man-harem anyway. So, HA! I haz a pretty even though he is someone’s else’s in reality!
    (thank you Wave for the poke so I could come see! OMG that sounded dirty O_O)

    • Ally
      I saved No. 12 just for you but you never came until it was too late. At least you can steal him from Leslie and all of those other women who want him.:

  • I wanted #11 because I really like Marcus (or Landon depending on where you see him) but I guess I would have to be up at the crack of dawn and I’m not a morning person. So, I guess I’ll have to settle for #5. 🙂

    • Jeffrey
      You act as if No. 5 is chopped liver. He’s quite the cupcake – I have him in many different poses and he’s yours for the weekend. 🙂

  • Did you steal Nico #1 from me? Cause I had him on my blog this week. Hmmm. *squinty eyed glare* I want him back! 😛

    • Tam my darling

      No I didn’t steal Nico from you. I think I stole him from another blog but you never know. 🙂 Since you already have him all you have to do is look at him whenever you’re on your blog.

      • He’s from a modeling agency in Europe called Next Company. I can go and look at ALL his pictures there. 🙂 He’s not my fave though, but I’m keeping him a secret so others don’t steal him. Ooops, better go change my picture then or you’ll snap him up because he’s purty.


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