The Major and The Minor by Pepper Espinoza

Title: The Major and The Minor
Author: Pepper Espinoza
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre: M/M Contemporary/Menage (M/M/M)
Length: Extended Novella (132 pages)
Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5

Guest review by Lily


Three men, one game, and the unexpected victory that changes everything…

The Greek Island Resort is a popular tropical island getaway and gay destination spot. Nick Bosco also treats it like an all-you-can-eat buffet, engaging in a series of one-night stands from the moment he arrives until the day he meets newlyweds Drew and Alec.

Drew just wants to have a good time, but Alec recognizes Nick for what he is—a player who needs to be taught a lesson in humility. Alec knows the game well and relishes the challenge of bringing down such large prey.

The cat-and-mouse game proves to be a great distraction for all three men—until actual emotions start to intrude on what started as harmless fun.


This story begins with Nick having sex on the beach with a man he just met and whose name he’s not even interested in learning. Apparently Nick is quite happy to spend his days while on vacation at an island resort having sex with random, nameless men. It just so happens that the man he’s with turns out to be on his honeymoon and his husband isn’t too happy when he goes to confront Nick later on.

Despite just being recently married Alec doesn’t have a problem with his husband, Drew, having been with another man. What bothers him is that the other man didn’t question if Drew was available even though the resort caters mostly to couples. When he goes to see him and Nick appears to come on to him too Alec decides to teach him a lesson. He comes up with a plan to lead Nick on and then leave him high and dry.

Things get complicated when Alec gets a glimpse of the real Nick and suddenly it’s not easy to go through with his plan. The next morning Nick gets a note that the couple had to leave due to business and it appears that the island romance ended before it even began. A month later Nick still can’t get either man out of his mind and Drew and Alec have also been thinking of Nick. Alec has never been in a polyamorous relationship but Drew has and since they are both drawn to the other man he gets Nick’s contact info and gives it to Alec.

Alec and Nick meet for drinks and then end up at Drew and Alec’s home with Drew joining them just as things are getting hot and heavy. What follows is a pretty well written, hot menage scene where we get a feeling the men are interested in more than just a quick tumble in bed. There’s no relationship talk between them but the feeling is there that all three are wanting more than just a night of sex.

I’ve previously enjoyed the books I’ve read by this author but was a bit disappointed with this one. Although the writing was solid and there were no editing errors to distract from the story I found the characters rather unlikable. They just didn’t grab me and I also didn’t feel any real connection between them other than sexual. Drew and Nick have a quick tumble on the beach and then have no further contact until the very end. Alec and Nick do spend time together but since Alec’s manipulative ways didn’t appeal to me I wasn’t drawn to him. Nick is the more developed character but it’s not until about the second half that we get to really know him and by then his rather slutty ways had put me off.

I’m sure the author meant the relationship between the men to be the main focus of the storyline but to me it was the sex, from the first scene between Nick and Drew, Nick’s many conquests at the resort, a couple of scenes between Alec and Drew and finally the menage scene at the end. I don’t usually have a problem reading a story with a lot of sex scenes but I wasn’t able to develop a connection to the characters or their ‘relationship’ and so I have mixed feelings about this story.

While the storyline and the characters weren’t to my liking I did give the story 2.5 stars because I felt the writing was solid and I did like the menage scene at the end. One small niggle that didn’t affect my rating is that I never understood the significance of the title. This is just my personal opinion and I’m sure there will be readers who will enjoy this story. If you’re looking for a quick read with hot sex scenes including a menage that was well written this might appeal to you. Fans of the author might also enjoy reading this book.


  • Lily
    I was put off by the characters having sex with another man on their honeymoon. I guess the bloom was off that rose pretty fast on that marriage. If they were going to have sex with someone else, was this prearranged? Also, why only one of them rather than both?

    I like Pepper’s writing and she’s one of my favourite authors but I think I will pass on this one as well. She’s an excellent writer but from your review she seems to have missed the mark, although Clare said that she liked the book.

    You’re right about the title of the book. What’s the relevance to the story?

    • Wave, it wasn’t prearranged. They saw each other on the beach and boom, down in the sand getting it on. 😉

      But then there’s no other interaction between them til the very end. It all switched to Nick and Alec or just Nick and his random hookups.

  • LOL
    I’ll drop in here and say that I really liked the story – though I always suspected it’d inspire more mixed reactions than usual from readers :). I think it was a bold combination of several fairly provocative themes, but I enjoyed both the writing and the uninhibited characters.

    • Clare, as I said I was sure there would be readers that would enjoy the story. I do agree the writing was good but I just didn’t like the characters and never became engaged in their story.

  • I have to agree with Alexi. On your honeymoon and not even a 3-some? And you’re upset the other guy didn’t ask if he was available? He obviously was since he wasn’t raped apparently. People who play games for revenge don’t appeal to me. It’s not an admirable trait. I’ll pass on this one.

  • I was baffled by the title too – by the picture, and the title, I assumed it had breached American idiocy and was dealing with an older military type having an affair with a 17 year old or something (no I’m not a pedo, I live in a country where 16 is the AOC) – it certainly suggests that and i was tempted to get it on that basis. I won’t bother now.

  • I like slutty characters as much as the next girl (as long as they’ve formed a genuine romantic connection by the end of the book) but the idea of a newlywed couple who go on holiday together and spend their time having random shags with other people – not even as a couple – puts me right off this book. It just seems really sad, to be honest; less like the story of a polyamorous relationship and more like a bunch of people who just can’t keep their pants zipped even when they’re supposed to be committed.

  • That title freaks me out a bit to be honest. I hope it’s some kind of music reference maybe, but with “minor” also being a word for “not an adult” it’s got weird connotations for a romantic/erotica book. And the cover doesn’t exactly contradict those connotations!

    Doesn’t appeal. 🙁

    • I’m not sure what the significance of the title is. It’s not that any of them are ‘not legal’ as Alec appears to be the youngest at about 26 I believe. It may be still be an age thing though as Drew is quite a few years older.


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