Call Me Sir, Too (Sir #2)

Title: Call Me Sir, Too (Sir #2)
Author: Stormy Glenn
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance/BDSM
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Length: Novel
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Guest review by Lily

Dante knew Daniel was the man for him the minute he said his first curse word. He was everything Dante could ever want in a sub: gorgeous, spunky, and totally into the lifestyle Dante enjoyed most. But nothing’s ever as simple as it should be. When Dante gets called away on business he expects to be gone for a couple of weeks. He figures to claim Daniel when he comes home, but two weeks quickly turn into six months.

When Dante finally returns, everything he’d been looking for in a mate is gone. Daniel’s been assaulted and beaten by a Dom out of control. He no longer trusts anyone—including Dante.

Determined to find the man he knows Daniel can be, Dante moves Daniel into his home and his life. But along with Daniel’s insecurities and lack of trust, Dante has to fight the Dom that assaulted Daniel in the first place and a host of other misunderstandings before he can prove to Daniel that what they have is worth fighting for.

Sir Series


From the moment that Daniel was introduced to him, Dante knew the younger man would be the perfect sub for him. Daniel’s got a bit of a smart mouth to him which Dante finds very appealing. However, before Dante can formally claim Daniel he’s called out of town on business. What he first thought would be a couple of weeks turns into six months before he can come home. When he gets back he’s eager to see Daniel but horrified when he learns that Daniel was abused and badly injured by another Dom.

Daniel is no longer the same wonderfully trusting and fun loving man. Traumatized by what happened to him he can’t get over the memories of that horrible night and is sure that trusting someone again will only lead to another betrayal and more pain. With a lot of patience Dante works to show Daniel that what happened to him wasn’t his fault and that he can place his trust in someone without being betrayed. Along the way they have to contend with a kidnapping and the return of the man who almost killed him but to his surprise Daniel is able to hold his own when faced with danger to himself and Dante.

I enjoyed this sequel to Call Me Sir. I liked Dante and Daniel and felt Dante was written well as a Dom working to slowly earn his sub’s trust again. The one thing I didn’t like about him was the explanation of his absence. I still don’t buy that six months went by and he was unable to contact Daniel at all. It worked for the storyline but left me wondering in this day and age how he wasn’t even able to manage one call, email, text or fax even.

Logan and Joey from the previous book are secondary characters here and I felt they were good additions to this story. Their friendship with Dante and Daniel was nice to read and their scenes together worked well. A new character in this book is police officer Jack McLarren. Jack responds when Dante is injured but he unknowingly gives a kidnapper access to Daniel. However he makes up for it by helping to find him and later on also helps out when Dante and Daniel are once again threatened. If there is another book after this one it will probably feature Jack who showed a lot of interest in the lifestyle but never actually said if he was gay although it does appear that he may be.

The scenes between Dante and Daniel are sweet and the BDSM is very toned down as the focus of the story is on Daniel’s need to heal not only physically but emotionally as well. That works well considering what Daniel is recovering from. Once again the author has written a story featuring her usual Alpha man/Dom paired with a smaller man/sub but in this case while at first the sub is weak he finds hidden strength throughout the story, surprising and helping both himself and his Dom. I also liked the slower pace of their developing relationship which made the few sex scenes work really well within the storyline. Overall this was a nicely written sequel which I enjoyed.



  • Thanks for the review! ‘Call Me Sir’ is one of Stormy’s better stories for me. Not the best out there, but always entertaining. 🙂

    Wasn’t Dante the owner of the BDSM club, though? Is that just supposed to be a cover? I won’t go into how impossible it is for a business to send someone anywhere for ‘two weeks’ that turns into six months without bringing them home at least for a weekend. I mean, if you leave with two weeks worth of clothes, they’d be in tatters when you’re done (unless you have an unlimited budget to buy extra!) I worked with a gal who went on-site to a client for two days, and wound up there for a week. She was able to expense a clothing allowance for a couple of complete outfits (cheaper than flying her home and back again). But six months?? Wilds of Africa indeed.

    • I agree, her books are entertaining.

      Dante in the owner of a BDSM club but apparently he’s much more. I’m not sure exactly what, maybe a spy/operative of some kind.

  • I’m always a bit puzzled by the plot device of being out of touch for months. Many of his here maintain internet connections and friends, including live chat and there are people in this world carry on sexual relationships from a world away so as you said, not one text or e-mail? Was he in the wilds of Africa for 6 months? LOL But sometimes you just have to let it go and enjoy it for what it is.

    • It wasn’t fully explained although it was made to seem like he’s some type of spy or something. But then it was easy for him to say I’m not taking anymore jobs that I have to travel for, so I’m not sure. It was just a little niggle, overall I enjoyed the story.


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