Talk Dirty To Me

Title: Talk Dirty To Me
Author: Jack Greene
Publisher: Phaze Books
Buy link:
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length:  Heat Sheet (10K words)
Rating: 3 stars out of 5


Adam’s never called a gay phone sex line before, but he finally takes the plunge. Casey is more than happy to fulfill Adam’s phone fantasies, but it’s not long before he wants more than talk. When they meet, will it be as good as Adam’s fantasy?


Adam had always wanted to explore his sexual feelings for men but didn’t have any idea how to go about doing so. He was a lawyer with a conservative law firm and his career did not provide any opportunities to indulge this new kink of wanting to go to bed with a man. He didn’t want to continue sleeping with his ex girlfriend with whom he had broken up months ago, who was a mutual friend with benefits, but not recently. He had never told anyone about his desire for other men and was not interested in checking out gay bars, so his quandary was how to satisfy this burgeoning need to have sex with men.

One night when he was checking out free XTube videos online there was a pop up for a phone sex line that catered to men only which caught his eye. He decided to call when he saw one of the guys in the ad who met his requirements to a ‘T’ – long dark hair, brown eyes and an exotic look. When he was eventually connected to Casey after he paid for the call, the man seemed to be just as wonderful on the phone as he imagined. After being encouraged to tell him his innermost desires, he opened up to Casey who was warm and receptive, everything he had hoped for. Adam became a regular client of Casey’s and called every week. Each time the phone sex became more and more explicit and Adam, who by this time had become fixated on Casey, had the most extravagant orgasms every time they had phone sex. When he told his friend Jason what he was doing (of course he didn’t tell him that he was talking dirty with a man) Jason laughed hysterically and suggested he get a life so that he could have some real action.

Eventually talking wasn’t enough. Adam wanted to meet the man of his dreams, but the first time he voiced his wish Casey hung up on him. It seemed that he had jumped the gun, with the result that he had lost the man who had come to mean so much to him. Was this romance going to end with a fizzle and no fireworks? Of course not, because this is, after all, a fantasy. 🙂 Will Casey live up to Adam’s expectations if/when they do meet?

This is the second book that I have read by this author and I like his writing, however he seems to have stuck with the same character type for one of his protagonists. When I reviewed Dude Looks Like A Lady linked here one of the protagonists looked so feminine he was mistaken for a woman when he was on a model shoot. In this case, when Adam met Casey he also looked effeminate – slender, long hair, eyeliner and lips that seemed to have more than a hint of gloss, and he’s described in the book as being pretty, but the difference in Talk Dirty to Me was that the character appeared to be slightly more masculine and was obviously much more experienced than Adam in the gay sex department. Most of the story is told from Adam’s third person point of view but I did get a sense of Casey’s personality which was very street wise, the opposite of Adam who although he lived in L.A. seemed incredibly innocent. Of course when the men get together it’s a mutual admiration society with lots of sex and there are no hiccups to spoil this love-in.

If you’re looking for a quick read that doesn’t require a lot of concentration, with characters who are likable but not complex, and a story that is predictable, then Talk Dirty To Me should be on your “to buy”list.



  • Thanks Caitlin
    That’s good information to know. I checked the website and the entire persona is male, but I thought that the characterizations (at least one of them in both books) reminded me of chicks with dicks. 🙂

  • If you like Jack Greene’s books, she has more out under another name. Jack Greene is basically one of the writers that make up the Jade Falconer writing team. She was experimenting with what a male pseudonym would mean for her sales figures.


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