Fighting Dragons

Fighting Dragons

Title: Fighting Dragons
Author: T.A. Chase
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre: Paranormal M/M,
Length: Novella
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5


Sergeant Bailey Stevenson and Captain David Wellmine keep dancing around their attraction to each other. Bailey is more than willing to take their friendship in a more intimate direction, but David can’t climb out from under his father’s thumb long enough to take the next step.

On St. Patrick’s Day, when Irish magic is strongest, a meddling elf gives Bailey and David a chance to step beyond their doubts and fears to embrace the love simmering below the surface between them.

But when the spell is over, will David break the chains of his father’s plans for him and give Bailey his heart, or will he break Bailey’s?


This is the third book in T.A. Chase’s wonderful paranormal series about dragons and I will review them in reverse order. 🙂 In Fighting Dragons there are no dragons except for one sighting that was reported, but the characters from the previous books in this series were very much present even though this is Bailey’s and David’s story. If you have read the books you know the characters, but for those of you who haven’t, here’s a brief recap because the series has not been reviewed on this site.

In book 1 Here Be Dragons, Kael Hammerson, a Herpetologist, is working in Ireland at a research lab, hiding from his abusive ex.  His boss, Hugh Price, is very interested in Kael, but is afraid to put the moves on him because of their business relationship. When dragons return to earth and cause havoc, Hugh and Kael have to fight for their lives, and the fate of all mankind rests on their shoulders. Added to this real threat is the stress of their burgeoning personal relationship which may not survive because they have to contend with the interference of the goddess Gaia.

In book 2 Dreaming of Dragons, which takes place 6 months later, Hugh and Kael are still battling the dragons and other mythical creatures who are threatening to take over the world. Dreaming is the love story of George St. Albans, and Mordred a beautiful elf who had lived in the Realm of Dreams before the barrier between Earth and the rest of the world had been compromised. When George returned to Earth to stay Mordred gave up his immortality to be with his lover. In Dreaming of Dragons readers get an opportunity to visit the Realm of Dreams and experience through flashbacks how the characters first met hundreds of years ago, their personal conflicts, and all of the intrigue that surrounds the goddess Gaia’s Royal Court. George’s and Mordred’s personal battles are intermingled with the physical one with the dragons and the machinations of Gaia.

In Fighting Dragons Sergeant Bailey Stevenson is at his wits end trying to figure out how to get Captain David Wellmine to decide whether they could have a personal relationship. Bailey had been in love with David for some time and  it seemed that David returned his feelings, but he blew hot and cold and Bailey wasn’t sure if his disability was the stumbling block. Bailey had been injured by a bomb in Iraq and he was permanently disabled, suffering from nerve and muscle damage, unable to maintain his balance most of the time and in constant pain. He was also facing the fact that he would have to retire from the army and would probably not see David any more on a regular basis because with the barrier repaired, dragons were no longer showing up and although there were a few sightings, Bailey’s unit, the Dragon Slayers, would run out of work and most probably would be closed. David wanted Bailey but he was conflicted because his father had ambitions for him to return to England and become a Member of the House of Commons and marry a suitable woman. He was so used to seeking his father’s approval he had a difficult time breaking away to live his own life.

In the meantime Mordred, who had given up his immortality for George and was now living on earth, was homesick, and George decided to throw a party for him on St. Patrick’s Day because he understood that going from an immortal elf to a mortal with no magic was a difficult transition. Mordred was aware of Bailey’s and David’s feelings for each other and wanted to do something for them so he asked Seamus, an Unseelie elf, to develop a spell which would be cast on St. Patrick’s day when Irish magic is the strongest.

Everything proceeded according to plan and David and Bailey went at each other like bunnies. The sex was off the scale, but were their feelings the real deal and could there be a chance for a relationship to develop? Could David get out from under his father’s thumb and stand up and be a man?

This wonderful follow up to the other books in the series brings back familiar faces and Hugh, Kael, and the other characters from books 1 and 2 as well as some new characters all get in on the action to help Bailey’s and David’s romance along. The characterizations are of course just as three dimensional as the other stories, and although the tension and violence of the other books is missing and there are no dragons in Fighting Dragons, the protagonists have their own personal dragons to slay. David had to figure out who was more important – his father and his ambitions or Bailey. He also had to convince Bailey that he really loved him and that his disability didn’t matter. Bailey, on the other hand, had to trust that David’s feelings were not directly related to the magic spell and that they were the real deal.

This book can be read as a standalone because the author has included enough background from the previous two stories, but it would be best enjoyed as part of the series. Here Be Dragons was and is my favourite book but Fighting Dragons is a wonderful sequel. Definitely recommended.



  • Thanks so much for the awesome review, Wave. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed Bailey and David’s love story.
    I really did want the ‘dragons’ being fought to be personal ones that both men have to face to be together.
    I think there will be at least two more books in the series. Seamus, the Unseelie, needs his story told…along with Maksur.
    Thanks again.

    • Hi T.A.
      You’re quite welcome. I really enjoyed Fighting Dragons.

      I suspected that Seamus’s and Maksur’s stories were next on the horizon by their characterizations and face time in this book. I can’t wait to see who Seamus will end up with and what Maksur will do when he has to be monogamous. 🙂

    • Hi Larissa
      If you like romances with injured war heroes and a lover who can’t make up his mind what he wants, then you will really love Fighting Dragons.

    • Hi Kendall

      …because you’re mean??? <<
      I like to keep you on your toes. 🙂 You can enjoy Fighting Dragons without reading the other books, but I promise to review them. 🙂

    • Kim
      This is one of the few sequels that you can read as a standalone because there are no dragons in Fighting Dragons (they were the theme of the first 2 books). This is more of a romance than a fight between species.

    • Lily
      Bailey’s and David’s story is quite different to the other stories in the series. I liked the fact that Bailey was disabled and how caring and understanding David was to him, which is what makes this a wonderful romance.

  • MRB
    You can read this book as a standalone, and since you have a sense of what the series is about you will enjoy it. There are no dragons in this book just mischievous elves. 🙂

  • This one is definitely on my TBB list as I enjoyed the others as well. Nice review, I’m really looking forward to it now.

    • Tam
      I love Bailey because every day was a struggle for him and he never complained. He was a terrific character as was David although at times I wanted to slap him upside the head. 🙂 You will definitely enjoy seeing the other characters from books 1 and 2 as well.

  • thanks for the review Wave. Darn I really like TA’s books, but just couldn’t get into Here be Dragons, I liked the main characters and the first half of the book but the second part just didn’t do it for me. I might have to try a re-read and see where it takes me, since Fighting Dragons is less about Dragons I will give it a try first.


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