thawAuthor: Jordan Castillo Price
Publisher: JCP Books
Genre: contemporary M/M
Length: short story (6 pages)
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5   

Summary Review: There are no dead bodies, no ghosts, only Vic and Jacob off duty having a wonderful time on the ice with each other.   


As a psychic homicide investigator, Victor Bayne doesn’t get much time to relax. Thaw offers a rare glimpse of him off the clock. Take a taste of Victor and his sexy boyfriend, Jacob, from PsyCops, whose smoldering good looks threaten to melt the ice rink they’re skating on.   

PsyCop Series


I’ve been on a bit of a PsyCop kick since I wrote my paranormal piece a few days ago and I had the pleasure of re-reading a number of Jordan Castillo Price’s ‘shorts,’  which remind me what a terrific author she is. Thaw is one such story. It has nothing to do with crime and everything to do with love and shows what a great couple Vic and Jacob are as well as how versatile this author is.    

This book is Jordan’s homage to Vic’s and Jacob’s love for each other. Thaw gives readers of this series a much deserved look at what makes these characters so appealing and wonderfully complex.    

It’s date night on the ice told from Victor’s point of view. There are no conflicts to interrupt them skating on Millennium Park in Chicago around Christmastime, surrounded by other lovers and families. Do they dare hold hands like heterosexual lovers? Here’s one observation that Vic makes about Jacob which shows how much in love he is with his partner –   

Jacob is drop-dead handsome, dark haired, dark-eyed, with an immaculately trimmed goatee that’s just this side of supervillain chic.   

And another observation   

There was a long gap in the crowd in front of me, so I spun around to skate backwards and watch Jacob watching me. The white lights sparkled behind him. The night was magic.   

In my opinion this short story about Jacob and Victor was magical. Enjoy! 





  • This was one of the stories/books I read in my JCP marathon last month. Very sweet and loving. It was nice to see Vic and Jacob having a romantic interlude without any ghosts or bad guys interfering.


    • Leslie
      I just love this little ‘short.’ I read it when it was first released and loved it then as much as I do now. Just a delightful story.

  • Thanks, Wave and Val! My mini-premise for this short was, “What if Vic was really good at something?”

    Amazon has been threatening to take down the 1¢ Kindle version for months now, but I see it’s still there as of this morning. (4/30 was supposed to be the deadline.) They will probably delete it soon though. Or else maybe they’re waiting for me to unpublish it!

    • Jordan
      When I went to your site, Thaw was not listed there so I had to use the amazon link. Did I miss it?

      I quite enjoyed this story which gives readers a look at a seldom seen side of Vic and Jacob.

      • I only have the freebies at third-party distributors like Amazon, ARe and 1Re. I’ve thought about putting them up at JCP Books…I suppose now that I’ve shed my day job I have no excuses for not handling these little details 😉

        • Jordan

          I suppose now that I’ve shed my day job I have no excuses for not handling these little details <<

          You said it, not me. 🙂


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