The Voice

Title:  The Voice
Author: Jordan Castillo Price
Publisher: JCP Books
Buy link:
Genre: Paranormal M/M
Length: short story (3525 words, 10 PDF pages)
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Summary Review: This very short story will appeal to those who like to dabble in ghosts and strange beings and love to be scared.


Most people find it tragic if they’ve got no one to kiss on New Year’s Eve, but Martin’s calendar revolves around Halloween.Martin and Dave have been best friends since high school, and still Dave doesn’t seem to understand that Martin has very particular taste in men…though that doesn’t stop Dave from trying. He announces that not only has he scored tickets to the city’s hottest haunted house, Night Terrors, but he’s also dug up the perfect blind date.

Martin tells himself not to get too excited, because the Night Terrors excursion is bound to be anticlimactic. Little does he know what’s lurking in the shadows


Martin’s love life was pretty lean since his last breakup a year ago but when his best friend called and suggested an evening out with a blind date he wasn’t keen because their ideas about men were poles apart. However Dave added a great incentive – he had tickets for the hot haunted house, Night Terrors, where Martin had been dying to go but so far had been unsuccessful in getting tickets because they were all sold out. Despite his qualms about the date the thrill of Night Terrors was too much to resist, but when he arrived the blind date was nowhere around. 

Martin was a bit disappointed about the blind date because it had been awhile and he had been hoping to meet someone new, but after waiting for a few minutes they decided to go in since Martin was not going to miss being scared. When they entered the Victorian mansion where the show was being held the atmosphere was suitably creepy with all the usual trappings. Dave was not eager to press forward but Martin was determined to experience everything at this not to be missed show, which turned out to be even more exciting than he expected. He and Dave became separated but Martin wasn’t scared because he was in his element, however sometimes reality and imagination collide, and in this case Martin wasn’t sure whether the man he met in the haunted house who gave him the ultimate thrill was the real deal.

I started reading this book late last night and had to put it aside because although I love paranormals I’m easily scared so I didn’t finish it until today. Martin had the adventure of a lifetime, and if you want to live his experience you have to take the journey with him by reading the book because to tell you any more would be a big spoiler. Enjoy and try to remember that it’s only Jordan Castillo Price playing tricks on you. Recommended for those who are brave enough! 🙂



  • The best file format to read on your computer would be a PDF, which you can either buy direct at my website, or at or

    If you are really intrigued by Kindle, Amazon offers programs you can download to read Kindle files on PC or Mac…though if you’re not computer savvy, getting a PDF would be easiest. Your computer should be able to read those already. Thanks for asking!

  • Sounds like my type of book. I like scary. Sounds like it won’t disappoint. Rated 5* on Amazon. Not very computer saavy. I don’t have a Kindle. Can I just read it on my computer?

  • Thanks so much for reviewing my short stories, Wave!

    After I wrote this I went to a haunted house that was totally dark, and there was a hallway that ran parallel to the one the customers were in with little peepholes so the staff could appear next to your head and scary-breathe at you. Holy crap, I was so scared it was unbelievable.

  • Hi Val
    I’m such a coward. 🙂 I love these stories but they creep me out and I can only read them in the bright light of day.


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