Hot and Sticky

Title: Hot and Sticky
Author: Keta Diablo
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: 10K words, 48 PDF pages
Rating: 2 stars out of 5

Summary Review: This book was a disappointment from start to finish – neither the characters, prose or the dialogue came up to my expectations.


It’s been extremely difficult for Hugh Landon, an up-and-coming lawyer in Washington, D.C., to control his sexual fantasies about his paralegal, Milan Vassar. 
When his career hangs in the balance over a missing file, Hugh must call Milan at the midnight hour and plead for assistance. Hugh’s determination not to mix business with pleasure disintegrates when Milan arrives at the office not only to help him, but to confess he’s held the same secret desires for his boss.    


Hugh Landon has a major crisis on his hands and is in danger if being held in contempt by the Judge nicknamed Hot Spur Navarro (because of her quick temper), who had granted him a 24 hour recess in his latest case. So what does he do? When he can’t find the documents he needs to get his guilty client off the hook, he starts drinking in the office, then he calls his paralegal Milan at midnight to help him find the information he needs after he spent the entire day searching, without any success. Milan is at a bar getting drunk and in addition he had shared a joint with a few friends, but he’s willing to drop everying and go back to the office because he had the hots for his boss. When he arrived all Hugh could think about is getting into Milan’s pants.    

While Milan is searching for the evidence that his boss needs to save his career, Hugh gets more and more excited about bedding his assistant and the prose consists of his cock getting hard in almost every paragraph. Does he really care what will happen to him if he shows up in court the next day without the evidence to get his client off the hook and the judge off his case? It doesn’t appear so. The story is also riddled with purple prose and here are a few examples   

 “The blue-spoked depths of his eyes”  “silver flecked orbs” 

“Hugh couldn’t decide whether their luminous orbs were aquamarine or beryl”

“Hugh knew if he so much as came in contact with an inch of that hard body, he’d tumble into a chasm so deep he’d never be able to claw his way out. Something that felt like hot chili peppers burned in his chest”
Gray shadows danced over the angular planes of Milan’s face, and the very air they breathed hummed with an inexplicable lust.

The room spun in shades of silver and metallic gold and his blood turned to liquid fire 

On the edge of a fathomless precipice

Hovering at the pinnacle of insanity, Hugh reveled in the sound of another bestial groan from Milan

There were also references to Hugh as a “magnificent being” “God Hugh” and on and on ad nauseum.  

I had other problems with this book including the characterizations, especially Hugh who I thought was pretty irresponsible. As many of you know from my post last week, I can take or leave condoms in M/M stories, but this book gave me pause. Not only wasn’t there a condom in sight but there was no discussion about the sexual history of either protagonist before they had sex. The main reason I was concerned was that Milan spent years on the streets as a teenage hustler where he had sex with anyone for money, and I figured that at least there would have been some acknowledgment of the characters’ sero status. Sure he changed his life around since then, but the author let us know his history so  I would have thought that either condoms would be used or there would have been proof that he was safe for barebacking. For me a contemporary M/M romance has to make sense even if the stories are fantasies, and unfortunately this book failed on many levels to make the grade. By the way there was no lube either. 🙂

I also couldn’t believe that Hugh had sex with Milan the first time while wearing a gun and was all set to do so the second time around until Milan asked him to remove it. Afterwards, when Milan asked him why he carried a gun, Hugh’s response was “everyone carries a gun in D.C.” Live and learn! 

 I usually try to find something positive in the stories I review but unfortunately I didn’t find Hot and Sticky enjoyable, and the  characterizations, prose and dialogue didn’t work for me. However, other readers might find this book more to their taste.



  • I grew up in DC–lived there for 8 years–and have lived all my post-collegiate life in the areas around DC. The gun bit is absurd. You can’t say that about ANY area in the U.S., honestly. As hyperbole, maybe some rural areas…but not any big cities even as hyperbole. IMHO.

    No lube? I hate it when authors do that. Give it a whirl, girls…. LOL.

  • Sometimes a bit of hot office sex can be downright steamy and fans face, but I have to like the characters too, and I’m not sure I will in this case.

    Thanks for the great review, Wave.

    • “Hugh couldn’t decide whether their luminous orbs were aquamarine or beryl”

      LOL, that made me giggle. I doubt any man could except maybe one who worked with those actual stones for a living. 😀

      Oh and “orbs”. Please, not orbs.

      • JFM
        I think WordPress ate my other comment so I’ll try again.

        I believed Hugh said that his mother had a beryl pendant. 🙂 Maybe the author works with jewellry. IDK

        What is it about “orbs” that you don’t like? The word reminds me of Scifi stories or ghosts. 🙂

        • I’ve seen too many “orbs” in fanfic. I’m permanently scarred. 😀 Eyes is a perfectly good word. I’ve never looked at someone and thought, “They have nice brown orbs.”

    • Jen

      I like books about office romance but this was more office sex. I have no problem with mucho sex (I just like Sean Michael’s version more). 🙂

      I couldn’t take to Hugh’s character – Milan was a little better but didn’t come off as genuine either. Other readers may like this book because there’s lots of sex and sexual innuendo, however I didn’t enjoy it.

  • Um, for the record, I live just outside DC and lived in the city for years when I was younger and far more crazy.

    I didn’t know a single person who carried a gun. First off, they don’t just hand them out on street corners. Secondly, permits to carry concealed are INCREDIBLY difficult to get.

    Granted, as a lawyer, the character might have legitimate reason to be packing, but I don’t imagine any lawyer, DC or not, would say “everyone carries a gun in D.C.” Maybe it was just all his scumbag clients, though. *shrugs*


    • Tis
      “Everyone carries a gun in DC.”

      That’s a direct quote. He also goes on say that he has permits for all his guns and when he goes hunting in Montana he carries a Winchester magnum (whatever that is). In Canada only the Police and the criminals are allowed to ‘carry,’ 🙂 well the criminals are not ‘allowed’ they just carry. Are you saying that I can’t just cross over the border and get me a Winchester magnum? Kidding!!!

      I thought that all lawyers in the US had permits to carry concealed. This character mentioned the case where a divorce attorney was shot at by his client who was unhappy with the outcome of the case. I supppose that was his justification, and I do remember reading about it in the newspapers.

  • I definitely would have found the lack of condom irritating in this story especially with Milan’s past being explained.

    The whole drunk thing at the office would have made me crazy as well. If you’re gonna get drunk and have sex at least have the good sense to leave your office first! lol And with his career hanging in the balance? He obviously didn’t care too much for his career. Just sayin.

    • Tracy
      The best part was Hugh’s client that he was working so hard to save was a real scum bag. I did sympathize with him because he didn’t really want to keep him out of jail, but everyone deserves a good defense lawyer I guess.

      The lack of condoms doesn’t bother me as much as most readers but in this case, with Milan’s past, I thought at least the author would have had the guys ask the usual questions before they set sail on the sea of love. 🙂

      • You know the condom thing never used to bother me at all – I hardly noticed it. Then one day it hit me and I can’t help but notice when condoms aren’t used. Sometimes I’m ok with it but in this case I don’t think I would have been.

        And you’re right, Wave, scumbag or not the guy deserved a good lawyer. If Hugh didn’t want to defend him and wasn’t gonna give it his all he shouldn’t have taken the case.

        • Tracy
          I can’t tell you what happened about the case because that would be a spoiler but every scumbag deserves to be represented.

          Most of the time I don’t notice condoms but I did here because lube wasn’t used either. 🙂 It would have been pretty tough going in RL.

  • I don’t like reading flowery purple prose in my m/m books and when combined with a character that sounds almost TSTL, I definitely would not enjoy reading this one. A lawyer with a possible contempt charge coming his way and he’s drinking and having sex without a care for his client or career? And worse, it’s unprotected sex with someone who could quite possibly be a health risk? Not very smart at all.

    I’ve not read anything from this author before and from what I know now, I don’t think that will change.

    Thanks Wave, for taking the time and explaining what didn’t work for you in this story. Great job.

    • Sometimes I really wonder about characterisations. Lawyers are supposed to be very smart so one would think that Hugh would be just as smart in his private life. However, to be fair there was no information that Milan was currently a health risk, because many years had passed since he had been on the streets. I would have liked at least a couple of the usual questions asked before the games began.

      • And I’ve read some books in which such questions are smoothly integrated, making it a minor blip in the story, but just enough to assuage that nagging worrier in our heads.

  • Thanks for the heads up, Wave – everything you’ve highlighted is something that drives me batshit in an m/m romance. You’ve spared my poor ereader the threat of being thrown at the wall! We both thank you.

    • Hi Chris
      I do try to help you spend your money but also to save you some as well if I find a book that maybe needed a little more work. I kept trying to find something positive to say other than maybe the guys were really hot. 🙂

  • I’m not a fan of purple prose nor characters who seem to put a need for an orgasm over at least a titch of common sense. They are willing to risk their jobs or something like that just because they are horny. How controlled are you by your lizard brain? LOL Definitely not for me this one. Great review explaining your feelings.

    • Tam
      I’m usually tolerant about a lot in M/M because I love the genre, but some things I find hard to understand and stupidity is on the top of the list. Obviously Hugh was thinking with his little head. I have never read any other books by this author and maybe this was a blip – it happens. No doubt there will be 5 star ratings for this book on other sites and readers will wonder what I was drinking. 🙂


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