Fantasies! We all have them. What’s yours?

The other night I was thinking about fantasies because we tend to dream in technicolor about things that we don’t have –  e.g. being unbelievably rich; a hot man (or woman) who will swoop into our dull, dreary lives and take us away from it all; sex with more than one person at the same time, (that’s Tam’s fantasy) 🙂 and a great body that we don’t have to work hard to maintain. (That’s mine). In other words, the perfect life. But is it such a perfect life? What would we do if we were given everything we ever wanted? Wouldn’t life be boring? Or maybe not.

If you think you will be offended by this post, I’m placing the “cut” here so that you can stop reading. If you continue reading don’t berate me if you don’t like my fantasies.  🙁

I read a book with a scene that is embedded in my memory bank forever, in great detail, even now 7 years after I first read it. The memorable scene involved the protagonists, Tor and Jake, having incredible sex in the rain and mud. The book? Bareback by Chris Owen. It was so hot and I had so many raging emotions that I wanted to rush outside the next time it rained so that I could try it. Fortunately for me there wasn’t anyone around who was willing to risk being arrested. 🙂   Have you ever fantasized about sex in the rain? Of course having mud in certain parts is not so wonderful, but what the hell.

Sex in public places where the chances of being caught are 50/50 seems to be a thrill for some people.

What about being at the opera and moaning loudly every time the soprano, contralto, mezzo or alto whatever (hope I got them right) hits a high note?

One of my favourite fantasies involves having sex at homeplate at a Toronto Blue Jays baseball game as the second baseman steals home and wins the game. The cheering would make it seem as if the crowd was cheering me on. 🙂

Sex with the perfect stranger – someone you’ll never meet again (and probably wouldn’t recognize his face if you did meet). 🙂 Other body parts may not be that easy to forget!!!

Pouring champagne into your lover’s belly button (this assumes that he/she has an innie) and sucking it out is another fave fantasy.

Dipping strawberries in hot chocolate and rubbing them all over your victim then licking the chocolate off? Tried it and loved it. 🙂

Sex on a beach – check,  sun – check, umbrella drink – check, hot man – check, more sex – check. What a rush! Unfortunately you will probably be arrested by the porn police but it would be so worth it.

Have you read any books lately with perfect fantasies that you just can’t forget? I know I’m not the only reader who thinks about having raunchy sex in a glass elevator with a man I just met ….. and that’s just for starters.

Sex with the naughty professor in class when everyone else leaves, but with the door wide open so that there’s a possibility of being caught. Sex in the office with the handsome boss and leaving a souvenir so that he’ll remember you – the souvenir could be anything…… a thong maybe (both men and women wear thongs). 🙂

How about your fantasies? Don’t be shy. I just told you some of mine. Maybe I’ll write a book of favourite fantasies and you could be in it. 🙂


I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


  • Hahah I up for some of the fantasies mentioned here! It was a hell of a lot of fun reading this!

    My personal fantasy? Hmmmm. When i was in the Rocky Mountains I’ve been to place that hardly any people reach. There were great plains and fields and outcrops in the mountains. That would give outdoors sex a whole new meaning. Being so exposed, but nowing no one is there 😀

    And sex in a (clean) stable. That has got to be interesting!

    • Larissa
      I’m happy that visiting Canada gave you so much room to imagine a few fantasies. I know that you’re an outdoors gal and that you like horses, so I’m not surprised at your fantasies. 🙂

  • Fantasies…um. 😉

    One thing I’ve noticed (he said, sidestepping the Q) is that there are things I’m reading that are very hot…yet I think, “Hmm, I wouldn’t want to actually do that” (or sometimes, “just a tiny taste of that, thanks”). What’s up with that–why is it a turn-on if I don’t think I’d enjoy it?Am I a voyeur? Is that my fantasy?!

    Am I the only one who reads something HOT and then thinks “wow…but, um, not for me”???

    • Kendall

      Fantasies are just that – something we would love to do but would never have the balls to try most of them in real life. For example, I would never go into the bushes to have sex abecause I’m afraid of getting bitten by mosquitoes – I don’t even go camping, too much of a city woman.

      It’s great to dream about many of these fantasies and for some people it’s even better to do them. 🙂 I must admit I have tried a few of the tamer ones though. 🙂

      • Oh, okay. 😉 Then I guess I have raging BDSM fantasies. Actually I’m still not sure I’d call them fantasies since I really think about them outside of reading about it…but okay, put me down for boring BDSM fantasies…. LOL. A little of the B–possibly a BIT of the D/s–but probably none of the D, S, or M.

        You know, just as long as we’re making a list…. 😉

        • You’re so funny Kendall. I’ll remember you any time I’m reviewing BDSM stories – “a BIT of the B and the D/s but none of that other stuff”. 🙂

          • (bowing) If I ever try any of it and the list changes, I’ll let ya know!

            (Mind you, I like READING about all of it…well, except heavy S&M or really wacky stuff like sounding…. [shudder])

  • Eden, my sleeper berth was 36 inches wide. Barely room for me, if I didn’t breathe too much. You’re more adventurous on that front. Besides, lumpy mattress was a turn off even on those nights when I’d been away from home too many days.
    My fantasies (at least the ones not involving identical twin Oded Fehrs):
    If you think playful tie-up is kinky…move along.

    I fantasize about X-frames and violet wands (that was awesome). About elk-hide floggers (guh! Such a nice thud) and lots of red welts on my back. About high polished boots to lick. About cages and racks.

    I fantasize that I’m some ancient Greek priestess lost in a labyrinth and come upon a lonely minotaur. Or that I’ve disguised myself as a boy to study with a centaur and he makes me bribe him not to throw me out.

    Or that I’m my alter-ego, Angelina Calamity, airship pirate, and my lady has had a hard day working belowdecks. Once I get her out of the travel bath (a giant hot waterbottle), I kiss her alllllll better and she snuggles so sweetly in my arms.

    • >>I fantasize about X-frames and violet wands (that was awesome). About elk-hide floggers (guh! Such a nice thud) and lots of red welts on my back. About high polished boots to lick. About cages and racks.<< Sorry I seem to have missed this Angel. What a fertile mind you have. I guess that's why you're an author. 🙂 Your fantasies make mine seem like tepid tea. 🙂

  • You want a more extreme one? Think Sean Michael’s ‘Introducing Daniel’ where Daniel is strapped to something, blindfolded and in the course of the evening taken/fucked/masturbated on by many men in the room. My fantasy involves no blindfold and only men that I know and trust, but still…

    Okay then…

    And then a tamer one. A lake in a forest in the middle of nowhere. Me and my dream lover spending all day and night naked in and around the lake, having sex, making love, exploring (each other). Especially the scene in the moonlight is a favorite.


    • Wow Patricia

      That is one hot fantasy. I don’t think I’ve read “Introducing Daniel.” *Rushes off to buy a copy* 🙂

      Even your tame fantasy is better than most.

      Thanks for this Patricia.

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