Witness by L.A. Gilbert

Title: Witness
Author: L.A. Gilbert
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Buy Link: Amazon.com
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
Length: Novel (219 pages)
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 starts

A guest review by Lily

Summary Review:

A nicely written story of two men meeting, falling in love and working towards a happy future.


Ben Jenkins is a down-to-earth cop leading a quiet life in a big, empty house. Visits to the gay bars scratch an itch, but they don’t really satisfy, and though he’s used to the quiet, he recognizes that the empty feeling plaguing him of late is loneliness.

It takes a police cruiser and a ten-speed to bring him together with Reece Withers, a bike messenger and photographer who’s still waiting for his big break to arrive. Ben’s pretty sure what he’s feeling is love, but they both have old hurts that need to heal before they can live and live well… together.


Ben is a policeman, thirty-four years old and single, who lives in the house he grew up in and although his parents are no longer living he does have close friends that are very important to him. He’s tired of the bar scene and easy hookups and would love to have a steady and committed relationship. Responding one day to a possible intruder call he meets a sweet old man named Roger and the man’s neighbor, Reece. Ben’s attracted to the cute man carrying a bicycle up the stairs but mixed signals and the presence of Roger get in the way of them really talking.

For his part Reece is attracted to the  sexy cop but when he doesn’t get any response to his initial flirting he gives up. But each man can’t quite get the other off of his mind and as luck would have it they meet again. This time when Ben’s patrol car runs over Reece’s parked bicycle. Understandably this meeting is not too pleasant and once again ends awkwardly. But three times the charm for them when Ben replaces Reece’s bicycle and finally they get their signals right. From here on out the story is one long sweet love fest with just a couple of minor bumps on the road to true love.

As the weeks pass the men grow closer and closer and things are going great for them until one day Reece is hurt. Painful as it is for Reece this situation further solidifies their relationship as Ben plays nursemaid and is there for Reece as he struggles to overcome the incident. With Ben’s love and caring Reece heals quickly and soon all is well for them once again.

Towards the end of the story Reece shares with Ben the details of his past and the pain he’s carried with him for many years. Ben in turn explains to Reece how important it is for him to be able to care for and share his life with Reece. The result is a new and deeper understanding between Reece and Ben that leads to a sweet HEA for them.

What I liked…

The combination of a  sweet storyline with protagonists that were interesting and fun to read about. Both Ben and Reece are nice, likable men and there is a good mixture of humor and hot sex in the story which made their developing relationship interesting. The supporting characters, friends, parents and coworkers, are all nice people as well.

What I didn’t like…

There really isn’t anything concrete that I didn’t like. If anything it may be that the story was just a bit too ‘nice’. Nice protags, nice friends and family, no heavy drama or angst filled plotline made this simply a nice story to read which at times felt almost bland. My biggest niggle was the title. For most of the book I was waiting for something big to happen. With the title of Witness I thought perhaps a murder or something similar which would go along with Ben’s job as a cop but nothing like that ever materialized and I was left wondering about the choice of the word witness for the title.


This is a romantic and uncomplicated story about two nice men meeting and falling in love. The writing is solid and I liked both Ben and Reece, they are well developed and believable characters and their relationship was very sweet and tender. The supporting characters also worked well within the simple storyline . There are no big issues to resolve, no exes or meddling friends/family members to contend with and no big misunderstandings to get in the way of their growing love. At times fun, sweet, emotional and sexy this is an easy read with a really nice happy ending.


  • I thought about the title too. Maybe the author meant ” to be witness of a wonder of nature” ? – in this case the northern lights.

  • There is no conflict? How can you write a novel with 219 pages and no conflict? What did they do all this time? I was looking forward to reading this (I probably still will because I want to know what they did for an entire novel). I thought there would have been a dead body or two and someone might have witnessed a murder. 🙂

    • No real conflict between the protags. Basically it’s two nice guys meeting and falling in love. No fights or anyone getting in their way. At the most a bit of insecurity but that’s it.

      Not bad but I was left wanting more. 🙂

  • I agree with everything you’ve said. The book was a nice, sweet read. The title totally bothered me though. I didn’t fit anything in the story. Although, now that I’m thinking about it again, it might have to do with Reece’s secert.

    • I guess it could loosely apply to the secret but it still doesn’t feel quite right. Lol, it’s funny that the title seems so important to us. Hopefully on her next book it will fit the story better.

  • You sum up what I thought of this book. It’s a bit of non-story for me, there’s no conflict, no real angst. Just two nice good looking guys falling in love. Like you, I find the writing good enough – I guess the writer just need to find a good story to tell!

    • There’s nothing bad about the book but when nice pretty much describes everything it’s a bit of a let down. Hopefully the next book will be more than nice.

  • I have this one in my TBR, nice to know that when I’m in the mood for something light and not angsty it’s there. I assumed based on the title there was some crime angle. Maybe I should read the blurbs before I buy. LOL But sometimes I’m in the mood for non-drama.

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