Advice Series for New M/M Authors – NEW NAME

This new series which I announced on May 14 will start next Tuesday, June 1.

The response from the authors invited to participate has been incredible and I am pleased to announce that Sean Michael is the latest author to lend his expertise to help new M/M authors improve their techniques and writing skills in the genre. Most of you know that I’m a great fan of Sean’s writing and I’m very happy that he will be part of the team.

I had asked for some suggestions to name the series rather than my own very lame attempts and I have reduced the suggested names to four which I would like you to vote on:

Getting M/M Romance Straight (Both Feliz and Ingrid suggested different versions of this name)
Between the Covers with the Best (Missy Welsh)
Hands-on Advice to New M/M Authors (LadyM)
Ins and Outs of M/M Romance (KimW)

There were other funny suggestions such as “Metriculating with the Masters” from T.C. Blue; “To Help You Boldly Go” (Chris thought this would be a great name); “Mentoring by the Masters” (another thought from Feliz); ‘M/M Authors Reveal All’ by Alexi (she’s obviously thinking the series is about something else); “Hot Stuff” and “Coming Out” were suggested by Ashley Ladd. 

So what do you think? Which name do you prefer? Sorry, the time for new suggestions is over. I need your vote by this Sunday, May 30th.

Please leave your vote on this post. Thanks guys.


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