Between Times

Title: Between Times
Author: Jordan Castillo Price
Publisher: JCP Books
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: short story (3380 words, 11 PDF pages)
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Summary Review: A fun short story with Monty Python overtones and a hint of Mexican sombreros, Jumpin ‘Ritas and a cupcake.


When Jon’s neighbor Owen invites him to the Jumping Bean Burrito Bar, of course he accepts. True, the restaurant is about as Mexican as Alan Thicke, the margaritas are sugary enough to send you into a diabetic coma, and the salsa tastes like it came out of a can.

But Owen will be there—that’s all that matters.

And then the date turns spicier than Jon could have ever anticipated.


Jon owns his company, and Owen, well I didn’t find out exactly what he did for a living but he hung Christmas lights in his apartment in May 🙂 so it was a good guess that they were quite different in outlook and business strategies, aside from the way they dressed – Owen in his threadbare jeans, multiple piercings and fauxhawk, and Jon in his corporate attire.

Jon’s merger deal had fallen through recently and Owen thought he needed a night out on the town to cheer him up, so he suggested that they go to the nearby burrito bar which didn’t make sense to John because the drinks and the food were both awful. However since he was attracted to Owen he went along with the idea of a date a la Mexicana. When they arrived at the bar Owen plied Jon with drinks and he suspected that his neighbour had ulterior motives for later, so he was happy to go with the flow. Shortly after the second, or maybe it was the third round of drinks, Owen’s fork fell under the table and he went looking for it rather than ask the waiter for a new one, which Jon thought was rather strange. Then Jon found out that Owen wasn’t looking for the fork, but for something entirely different, when he felt a breeze as well as Owen’s piercings. As if this wasn’t enough, there was music and all he could hear was Ole´!

This short but extremely spicy story with Mexican overtones was very funny and showed another side to Jordan Castillo Price’s repertoire. Those of us who are accustomed to her PsyCop books will be entertained in a different way than the usual murder and mayhem with accompanying ghostly action. Here’s an exchange between the characters when Jon asked Owen why he had arranged for a full choir to perform at their table

“Tonight was the first time I augmented the Ole´ song in that particular way. I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me.”
“Me? I didn’t do anything.”
“You didn’t freak out. Think of it as a trial by fire. I had to make sure you wore the suit, and the suit didn’t wear you.”

If you’re looking for a fun short story to read before going to bed you can’t go wrong with Between Times, and the $0.99 price is less than a cup of coffee.



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  • Thanks so much for the review, Wave! It’s so funny you find it different from my usual fare. I hadn’t really thought about it that way. That’s what’s fun about reading reviews, when they offer a really different perspective that never occurred to me.

    • Jordan
      I did think it was sufficiently different from your regular offerings although the same sly humour was there, as I said in the review. I love these little shorts of yours. 🙂

  • Late to the party since I’m on my hols.

    I buy everything by JCP and this one will be no exception. Thanks for the great review Wave. I shall be popping over to JCP books as soon as I get back to civilisation!

    • Hi Jen
      I really hope you’re having a great time camping and that the mosquitoes aren’t biting. 🙂

      This is really funny short from Jordan, with lots of sly and not so sly humour. You’ll love it.

  • I also won this; May apparently was my month. 😉

    It was a fun story; as usual Jordan does a great job. I almost fell out of my chair at one point when the ‘choir showed up.

    • Hi Kendall

      This book was certainly a departure for Jordan and I loved the choir. 🙂

      You have been lucky this month – let’s see what June brings. 🙂


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