Sweet Oblivion 2: Snare

Title: Sweet Oblivion 2: Snare
Author: Jordan Castillo Price
Publisher: JCP Books
Buy link: Amazon.com (Second Edition)
Genre: Paranormal M/M
Length: Novella
Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5

Summary Review: Another excellent adventure in the world of Wild Bill and Michael where they encounter the creepy vampire scientist Dr. Jim and perform a good deed.


With summer ending and temperatures dipping low at night, Michael’s eager to get his leather jacket back, and although Wild Bill could easily vamp any sales clerk into giving Michael some new duds, it wouldn’t be quite the same as the jacket he left at his parents’ house. Not unless the malls have begun selling clothing with Rohypnol and ketamine sewn into the seams.

The return of the jacket comes with a price: a new cell phone from Michael’s parents. Surprisingly, Wild Bill encourages Michael to keep the phone. After all, Michael wouldn’t want to be the only twenty-one-year-old in the world without one. Seems innocent enough… right?

But you never know where an innocent gift will lead. Michael worries the phone may be some shiny bait, meant to lure him closer to his family, and then, college. Everyone seems so intent on getting Michael to enroll, but he’s busy looking to catch a vampire…


Sweet Oblivion: Snare is the second book in this wonderful series which follows the adventures of Wild Bill, a vampire, and Michael his (almost) human lover. This series is the continuation of Channeling Morpheus and is told mostly from Wild Bill’s POV which I find so much more fascinating than Michael’s, who is a great protagonist but Wild Bill is in a class of his own.

Anyone who has read my reviews of the Sweet Oblivion series knows that I love Wild Bill, Michael’s vampire lover and the stories told from his POV are richer and have more texture. Sometimes Michael’s human side and his conscience get in the way, which is the case in Sweet Oblivion 2: Snare, the only book that I had not reviewed to date.

The plot has Michael going home to get his leather jacket which he needs now that the weather is getting cooler. His sister retrieves it for him but also presents him with a cell phone from his parents, on the pretext that it could be used should they wish to contact him in an emergency, but Michael is suspicious about the gift. He also wants to get out of town quickly because it seems that his sister Julie has her eye on Wild Bill, which creeps him out big time. Bill thinks he shouldn’t always look a gift horse in the mouth so he takes the phone and his suspicions are proved correct when he receives a call shortly after from freaky, crazy Dr. Jim, a vampire scientist who likes to experiment on people. Apparently Jim needs their help to catch a ‘rogue’ vampire, but as usual his story, while it does have an element of truth, is not the whole truth. Jim’s plan is pretty simple: Set a snare to catch the rogue vamp and make him the subject of one of his experiments. This raises Wild Bill’s and Michael’s antennas since this is not something they want to be part of.

The one element of all of Jordan’s stories that I can always count on is the connection between her protagonists and in Snare Bill and Michael show why they are so great together because their emotions are on the surface. Bill is actually quite vulnerable in this book, which showcases a different side of him one that we don’t see normally. The sex between them is probably some of the hottest of Jordan’s characters; I don’t know if it is the vamp thing or because I could feel their emotions leaking, but whatever it is it works.

I liked Sweet Oblivion 2: Snare a lot and while it did have all the twists and turns that showcase Jordan’s inventive mind, I didn’t love it nearly as much as I loved the other books in this series. For me it didn’t have quite the ‘bite’ of the other four and probably this is because the story is told from Michael’s POV and I don’t find him as charismatic as Bill. However, Snare has all the ingredients that make this such a fascinating series and you won’t be able to put this story down because it’s so intense and unusual, with characters that you won’t find anywhere else. I can’t wait for Jordan to release these books in print. Definitely recommended. 



  • Hi J

    Sweet Oblivion in paperback is on my list of “stuff I intend to do this year.” <<

    Can this be placed high on that list? We are all waiting while Rome burns. 🙂

  • I absolutely loved this series, hated it when I finished book 5 and HOPE there will be more.
    I’m a fan of both Michaels & WB’s point of view, also liked Dr. Jim. Jordan is one of those rare authors who can go from scary to funny to sexy in the story, I can’t recommend this series enough.
    I’de love to buy a hardcopy of CM! Where?

      • Thanks for the info Jordan, I already own all of your books that are in print and am working on my collection of ebooks from you, have all of the CM series (of course), Petits and a few of the ebook Psycop series. I prefer books to ebooks, my softcover copies of CM (and Psycop) are getting so dog-eared that I had wanted to buy a hardcover if possible.

        • Aw, I love the thought that you’re wearing the books out with use! I don’t think my stories will be in hardback anytime in the near future; I’d need a deal with a Big Publisher for that to happen. I’m never saying never…but it’s highly unlikely given that I’m not even shopping my work around. I have my hands full with JCP Books as it is.

  • Ack, I’ve been at a con and I missed these reviews. Thanks, Wave! Dr. Jim is a great favorite of mine. I imagine him as Neil Patrick Harris. I think he’d nail the snide arrogance perfectly.

    • Hi J
      Have you ever written a bad book? I have never encountered any, and that’s saying something. 🙂

      When will the rights of Sweet Oblivion revert to you so that we can get this series in print? I’ve been waiting so long (whine).

      Great job on the book even though I love Bill’s POV more than Michael’s. Must be the vamp thing. 🙂

      • My first ever book was a 120k high fantasy…believe me, nobody wants to read it. I didn’t even realize there was such a thing as POV when I wrote it.

        I never sold print rights to this series so I can publish through JCP Books (which I just incorporated, yay!) Sweet Oblivion in paperback is on my list of “stuff I intend to do this year.”

  • I love Michael and Wild Bill. I liked them both equally as the voice. The last book had me on the edge of my seat freaking out. Jordan is a master. I was lucky enough to win the hard copy of Chanelling Morpheus, signed. *squeeee*

    • Tam
      I’m sorry but I do have a favourite in this series. I’m allowed!

      Did you win Channeling Morpheus here? I remember Jordan and I gave away a couple of copies which she signed.

      • Probably. I think so. I don’t remember. Unless it was something Jordan did but I think it was here. My memory is going in my old age. Too filled up with chia pet nonsense. 😛

    • Larissa
      You don’t want to miss this series, but see my advice to lily about reading Channeling Morpheus first. all of the books are reviewed on the site now that I have done Snare. 🙂

    • Lily
      You need to read Channeling Morpheus first if you haven’t already done so, before you read Sweet Oblivion because they are part of the same series. Changeling has a rule that a series can’t be more than 5 books so Jordan had to change the name to Sweet Oblivion after 5. 🙂

      You’re missing a really great series.

  • Hi Val
    I think the entire series is stupendous. My only problem is that I love Wild Bill’s ‘voice’ and I miss it when the POV switches to Michael as it did a few times in Channeling Morpheus. Bill is such a vibrant unusual character and I can’t get enough of him.

    Dr Jim is one of Jordan’s most unusual characters and he’s in a few of the stories.

  • I enjoyed the heck out of this one as well! I really liked seeing Dr. Jim return with his Clark Gable haircut and 1930s expressions. He’s too vivid a character to only feature once. Definitely this is a strong installment in a great series. 🙂


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