Cut or Intact 2010: Guys, how do you like your men ?

Some time ago I posed this question at the request of author J.L. Langley “Guys how do you like your Men – Cut or Intact?” I thought it was a wonderful way to take your pulse about this very personal and touchy topic. 🙂 That poll was on the old blog, and even though I loved it, there were many limitations, including slow loading or lack of access, which resulted in some of you getting tired after a few tries so you didn’t bother to come back and give your opinion in the poll. Now that the problem of access has been resolved with a new site, I’m running this poll again almost 2 years later, to see how things have changed (or not).

So here’s the question. Do gay men prefer their partners to be cut or do they like an intact foreskin? This has nothing whatsoever to do with religion or hygiene – it’s strictly sensory, aesthetic and to a lesser degree, olfactory. I realize that an excellent  answer to this question, which was posted in response to the last poll by Batboy 126 , is  “In real life, the choice of penis depends mainly on who’s attached to it” but please indulge me.

Many male M/M writers advocate the intact penis and Bobby Michaels is one of its strongest proponents.  He likes the visual and sensory aspects of sex and he also loves ‘manly men’ who smell like real men without the benefit of deodorants or anything that would mask their natural odours. However, what do you prefer? Do you like the movement of the foreskin on the intact penis as it glides back and forth, thus adding another dimension to sexual stimulation? (Some people compare this to playing a trombone.) 🙂 Or do you prefer the friction of the ‘cut’ penis? I’m trying to use clinical terms because I would like to keep the discussion on a much higher plane than our norm, but feel free to use whatever words you like.

One of the things I notice when reading ‘stroke’ material (PWP) is that the gay men in these books are almost always uncut. Is this because the authors feel that this is the desirable state for a gay man? Most of these books are written by North American authors many of whom, if they’re male and over 35, are ‘cut’, yet their books tell another story. Is this wishful thinking? In Europe the reverse is the case so I suppose your preference would depend on where you live to some degree, since most men in North America weren’t given the choice of remaining intact because they were circumcised shortly after birth. However I have read newspaper articles about men who are being circumcised much later in life and I wonder why, other than if they converted to Judaism. I did some recent research and it appears that one reason could be because a few men have problems retracting the foreskin, and if it’s too painful they decide to have a little surgery to ease the pain. 🙁

When commenting, could you indicate the reason for your preference? For example, is it because with an intact penis the pleasure is extended or, if your partner is cut, is his sensation heightened? For some of you it does not matter either way and that’s cool. Not being male I have no idea of the different factors that would go into this consideration but I understand that for some guys this preference is really huge.

While it seems that most women prefer their men to have benefited from the surgeon’s knife, according to a few informal surveys, there doesn’t appear to be any empirical data about the preferences of gay men. When I asked my gay friends for information about this they referred me to their previous response to my request  – since they have no interest in dating me they weren’t going to give it up for free. So I have to run a poll because my friends won’t cooperate.

Which do you prefer? The mushroom or the anteater/elephant trunk? 🙂

I gained a lot of knowledge in the last poll. I now understand what ‘docking’ is. You never know what new information these polls will provide. The original survey was done at the request of an author and I’m reprising it at the request of a few other M/M writers. I would be interested in how many M/M authors currently have their guys ‘cut’ in their books, so authors please join in the discussion.

Your assistance would be appreciated. Maybe I could come up with a prize for the most interesting answer.


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  • Finally, someone has a place for me to view my own personal opinion on this subject. As a gay man, who was cut right after birth, i feel like i am missing a very personal piece of my body that i am suppose to have. I wish all the time that i had a foreskin. All guys should have the right to either keep or cut their foreskin, it should be only their choice and no one else to make that choice. As a gay man i prefer uncut to cut for sexual pleasure from other guys. Being cut i think about what it would be like all the time to have an uncut dick, All The Time! I only wish i could have kept my natural penis cause if i had a foreskin i would have it stretched as long as it would go, the longer the better, more to play with for myself and others. My partner of 7 years wishes he too was uncut and loves the natural man as much as i do. I think if doctors said they were going to cut women then all women, mothers of boy babies, would leave their male children alone and uncut. I really think this way about the subject. Please, mothers in the US, leave your boys uncut and let them make that choice for themselves, PLEASE! Being uncut gives everyone more to play with on both ends, theirs and ours, lol. (you have my permission to use my post in any way you want)

  • Hi Kendall

    >>I do feel authors should put a few more uncut guys in M/M erotic romance.<< I totally agree. Many younger men in their twenties, gay and straight, are uncut and the last thing authors should do is make them feel inferior because all the guys in these books are 'cut'

  • I’m a guy and I have NO preference either way.

    Most books I read either say a guy’s circumcised or don’t say anything, so since most guys I’ve been with were cut, that’s what pops into my mind. 😉 (shrug)

    I do feel authors should put a few more uncut guys in M/M erotic romance.

  • Not much personal experience with foreskin, I’m cut and most of my encounters have been with cut dick. I like to watch uncut dick in videos, though.

  • Great post for a Friday Wave. Between Steve and Ethan, I was chuckling, no make that laughing out loud, reading the responses. Those two are so funny. I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything when I read this!

    I have to say that for me as well, it really doesn’t matter whether he’s cut or uncut. It’s far more important who it’s attached to. I mean honestly, they all work the same. It’s really just a personal preference as to how it looks and feels with or without the foreskin.

    • Hi T.J.
      After my serious post of last week where all the romance fans beat me into a bloody pulp I’m so glad that today’s post was not controversial. Your comment was on the money and I don’t mean the $20 we have to pay to smack Steve’s ass. 🙂

      Aren’t Ethan and Steve the best? I’m so glad you were at home when you read the comments or you would have been in trouble at work. 🙂

      Have a fun weekend.

    • Hey TJ!

      Guys do like their tools. Unfortunately some guys are more attached to their tools than others.

      It’s nice to know I’m not alone, that there are others out there who only worry about plugging them in. 🙂

      • Ethan
        Don’t you try to spoil TJ … He’s a nice man and one of my favourite regulars. Oh that sounds funny as if money were being exchanged with a fave customer, but of course I meant ‘regular’ on the site. 🙂

      • Ethan –
        I love how your mind works –
        “ thing you know you’ve spanked yourself into a corner – needing to call credit counselors to help get you and your rosy-red palm out of ass-debt!”

        LOL – You are a very funny man! You need to write more books. This stuff is too funny.

        And yes, boys do love their “tools”, toys, cars… Leave it to you to put a new meaning to an old saying.

  • Steve
    I couldn’t respond directly to your comment so I’m doing it here.

    Does that mean that if I paid you $20 you would let me smack your ass (or arse as the Brits say)? That would be money well spent because I would have to do it on your bare ass – no clothes allowed. I can see a topic for another post – “Exercise by smacking Steve’s bare ass instead of going to the gym. Save money!!” How about them apples. 🙂

    • He made me laugh so I’d pony up for a smack or two as well… 🙂

      You’re a popular guy, Steve!

    • This looks a little suspicious to me, Steve. Was Wave really only able to respond here, or was Wave trying to show me your ass?

      And I’d be getting a little clarification, Wave. Is it 20 bucks a whack or for a thirty minute session? Cause 20 bucks a whack could get pricey…especially for someone with an addictive personality…you start with one, and next thing you know you’ve spanked yourself into a corner – needing to call credit counselors to help get you and your rosy-red palm out of ass-debt! Eventually leading to a segment on 60 minutes where Andy Rooney waxes poetic about days gone by, when ass was nothing more than something you sat on….

  • To sheath or not to sheath, that is the question? My only question is, “Does it work?” : ) That’s about where my interest begins and ends. If it works, it’s in! No, really…stick it in!! LOL! Oh my, I couldn’t seem to stop myself. : )

    Perhaps some of those authors of ‘stroke fiction’ are cut and suffering from phantom foreskin envy?

    It really doesn’t matter as it’s more about the man attached to the penis than it is the bits between his legs. We should all be equal opportunity lover’s of dick. You can’t always order off the menu, sometimes you need to try eating what the waiter brings to the table. As long as you leave with a smile on your face, it’s all good. : )

    • Ethan

      >>We should all be equal opportunity lover’s of dick. You can’t always order off the menu, sometimes you need to try eating what the waiter brings to the table.< < Between you and Steve Berman you have managed to bring more than a smile to my face. Maybe a guffaw or two. 🙂 I want to order off your menu but somehow I don't think that lesbian women would like your food selection. They are not "equal opportunity lovers of dick." 🙂 >>My only question is, “Does it work?” : ) That’s about where my interest begins and ends. If it works, it’s in! No, really…stick it in!! LOL! Oh my, I couldn’t seem to stop myself. : )<< Have you ever tried to stop yourself? 🙂 This is such a great way to start the weekend, to talk about cocks, pardon me, penises. Thank you Ethan for giving me another unique perspective on man meat.

      • Lesbians CAN order off the menu, they just need to pick the right restaurant. : ) And yes…I stop myself way more than you know. I totally held back all the wisecracks that came to mind in regards to the different items one might find on menu’s for lesbian and gay men. : )


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