The Cop and The Drifter by Christiane France

Title: The Cop and The Drifter
Author: Christiane France
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
Length: Novella (63 pages)
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

A guest review by Lily

Review Summary

Two men learning to overcome painful pasts and taking a chance on a new beginning.


When they first meet in the woods and Brad takes in Davie’s small stature and pretty-boy looks, he assumes the kid is just another runaway. As a cop, Brad has learned to recognize the signs. But Brad is already in trouble with his superiors, getting suspended for “assuming” something on another case, so now he knows better than to assume anything.

Davie, actually in his early twenties and far from being a child, escaped a horrible past and now lives each day living from hand to mouth as a drifter. Homeless and starving, he meets Brad in the woods, and despite their differences, can’t fight the immediate attraction he shares with the older man.

But with both men still trying to deal with their troubled pasts, they quickly realize it’s just not the right time to begin a long-term relationship. When they meet a year later, however, and they feel the same attraction to each other, will they be able to follow their hearts without their pasts coming back to haunt them?


Brad’s been suspended from the police force and is camping out in the woods trying to find some peace in his chaotic life. Still mourning the death of his lover and unsure of where his life is headed he’s not looking for anymore complications in his life. But when he meets Davie, a young drifter alone out in the woods, he can’t help but be drawn to him. Thinking he’s underage he keeps his distance but as the night goes by and they share parts of their past with each other Brad learns Davie is actually older than he looks. They spend some time sitting around the fire talking and before the morning comes indulge in a quick hand job.

The next day Brad helps Davie connect with a friend who has the means to help the younger man get on his feet. Despite their mutual attraction they both know neither is at a place in their lives where they can be with someone else and so they part ways. A year later they meet again and find their attraction is still strong. As they reconnect they form a friendship that slowly turns to much more.

I enjoyed reading this nicely written story. Brad and Davie are both lonely men with a lot to deal with when they first meet and although how they dealt with and overcame their issues is not shown on page their developing relationship later on was interesting to read. I liked the fact that is was a slow process. They develop a friendship first and then let it evolve to a physical relationship and love.

I did have one reservation about the story and that was I felt it was strange how easily Davie shared his past with Brad when they first met. Davie had lived through quite a horrifying past and it was a bit unbelievable that he would talk about it with a stranger. I can see how it worked within the story to set up the character but still it just didn’t ring true for me.

Overall this is a nice story. The characters are likable and their relationship interesting. I liked the fact that it wasn’t rushed instead they slowly go from friends to lovers.


  • Great review, Lily! I like the sound of them having that realistic separation until they were ready to come back together. That definitely counters the insta-love that we readers usually see.

  • Great review Lily. I agree with you, I thought Davie just kind of spilling his guts to a total stranger and cop no less was kind of odd. But I guess it happens. I also would have liked to have seen more about what happened to them during the year they lost touch, to see the growth. So a longer story would have been welcome from me with a bit of Brad dealing with the grief and Davie dealing with a “normal” life which must have been difficult after never knowing it.


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