Art Critic for A Day

How would you readers like to help out by giving your opinion on the enclosed cover? It’s for A Twist of Grimm, a collection of gay erotic fairy tales.

In return for your assistance the publisher will pick one commentor and send him/her a free copy of the book when it releases in the summer.

Please leave  your comments on the post as to whether you like the cover (or not) and why. We try not to bore you on this site and even make you work on occasion. 🙂

Thanks guys.


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  • Too blue. Central characters too small and too far away. Lack of specific focus. Too much going on and yet no loci of compelling action.

    Skin isn’t bad either, ya know!

  • Typically, I just glance at a book cover for an impression. What I like about this cover is that it says fantasy, suitable for a book of fairy tales.
    Having read the other comments on the cover, I took a more careful look at it. I had only picked up the beanstalk and the swan the first go round. I liked the face in the mirror and the raven, once I went back and looked more closely.
    What I most like about a cover is when it conveys useful truths about the contents of the book. This one conveys fantasy and not all light-hearted fantasy, nor ultra-erotic fantasy. If that’s an accurate preview of the contents, I like the cover.


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