Four Grooms and a Queen (Murder Most Gay #3)

Title: Four Grooms and a Queen (Murder Most Gay #3)
Author: John Simpson
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Buy link:
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novella (59 pages)
Rating: 3 stars out of 5

A Guest Review by Aunt Lynn

One Sentence Review: Poor editing damn near ruins this short story that continues the Murder Most Gay series


Life is good these days for rookie cops and best friends Patrick St. James and Hank Capstone. They’ve closed the books on two high-profile serial murder cases and survived unscathed. Now they learn that they’ve earned the admiration of their peers and superiors and that they’ve both been promoted to detective third-class. Things are good on the home front too—both men have loving partners who worry about them but support them wholeheartedly. Could things get any better? How about a double wedding on Christmas Eve?

Murder Most Gay Series


Four Grooms and a Queen is a short story in this author’s Murder Most Gay series (Book One reviewed by me here; Book Two here). You could read this book as a stand-alone, but you really should pick up the first two books as it introduces the characters.

Set just over six months after the close of Task Force, the story opens with Pat and Hank being called into the Chief of Police’s office. Thinking they were in trouble, they were shocked to find they had instead been made detectives based on their roles in the previous two murder cases. Thrilled with the unexpected promotions, they head out on their first assignment of setting up hookers for arrest. In their personal lives, both men are very happy with and settling into their relationships with their partners, so much so that they decide that it’s time to pop the question and get married — on Christmas Eve.

Unlike the previous two stories (which are suspenseful police procedurals), FGaaQ is pretty much a fluff short focusing almost completely on the relationships and upcoming weddings of the two couples. There is a little police stuff in the beginning, but nothing major. Similar to the first half of TF, there is a lot of description of the alone time of the couples, both individually and when they get together. That was all fine and in line with the other stories.

What brought down the rating of the book for me were the numerous, blatant editing errors that are liberally found throughout, which is highly unusual for both this author and the publisher. It would not surprise me to learn that it hadn’t been edited at all. “Their” instead of “they’re,” “too” instead of “to,” “at” instead of “as,” missing quotes and other punctuation errors, and name switches/errors, all drew me out of the story several times.


Fans of this author and of the series will most likely want to pick up this third book.



  • Hi Tam and Jen.

    Tam, as you say, it definitely one for the fans of the previous two books because Jen is right: those who aren’t are probably not going to be invested in the characters.

    For the editing errors, they jumped out at me immediately, but as you both are evidence of, maybe others won’t notice?

  • Hi Lynn
    Great review. I read this short ages ago and didn’t notice the typos. Maybe I’m just becoming immune to bad editing, lol.

    As I hadn’t read the previous two books, I wasn’t as invested in the characters, but I think you have it right that this is just a short for the fans of the series.

  • I read this when it was in the wedding month thing. I don’t remember the editing errors either but because I hadn’t read the first one it didn’t mean much. Definitely for the fans. I wonder if the editing changed? Can’t imagine that.


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