Friday Guys June 25

guys no. 14


guy no.13 

guys no. 12


guy no. 11


guy no. `10


guy no. 9


guys no. 8


guy no. 7


guy no. 6



guy no. 4


guy no. 3



guy no.2

guy no. 1


guy no. 1A



  • *pouts*
    Summer has seriously hindered my ability to log on early enough to have a chance. Damn kids and the whole no school in the middle of the year.
    Anybody willing to take pity on me can send their menz off to Northern Cali anytime after midnight so that I can whine to a pretty-pretty face (yeah right, like I’d not be looking at the naughty bits?) After you are done of course, I am desperate, but not greedy:)
    Thank you aver so lol!
    Great guys this week Wave, as usual! My *ahem* “important things to save from online/password protected” file is getting pretty big YAY!

  • Sigh. All of the pictures aren’t loading properly for me using mi-fi. Sadness. You know what I’m like, so I’ll leave it to your discretion Wave.

    • Tam
      I was going to give you No. 2 but GTerasu beat you to him. How about No. 13? Ally Blue thinks he looks like Billy Joe Armstrong – most important, he’s young. 🙂

  • Wow, so much pretty today! Is #1 taken? He of the skateboard? So, so wrong. I’m such a perv. I’d be going to hell if I believed in that sort of stuff, I swear O_O

    • Ally
      You may not believe it but I included No. 1 and his skateboard just for you. 🙂 Ingrid was just bemoaning the fact she’s a year older and I told her that you never let age interfere with your choice of Friday Guys. 🙂


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