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I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


    • John
      I think Christian would more appreciate a kiss from a Texas cowboy than a female blogger. Why don’t you mosey on over to Germany and give him a big smooch from all of us? 🙂

    • Tam
      Christian, being the trooper that he is, fixed the problem. So I’ve stopped pulling my hair out and hiding from Josh who would have killed me if all his work had gone into the toilet .:)

      Aren’t you supposed to be away right about now?

      • Actually I’m back. 9 hour drive yesterday and home and back to the salt mines. Arrgghh. Thankfully only 2 days and then Canada Day, then one day then the weekend. 🙂 I need to recover from my vacation.

        • That’s not a holiday. I would need to take some serious drugs after a long trip like that within such a short timeframe. This means that you’ll be ready to submit your story after midnight tonight. 🙂


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