Who Is Your Favourite NEW M/M Author? Why?

I love and am very supportive of the M/M sub genre and its authors. Some of you may not believe this, going by many of my recent posts (rants) 🙂 which have been very critical. However my philosophy is, just because I love something does not make me blind to its flaws, and I think M/M needs several wake-up calls or it will become mired in the same problems many of us have with M/F and I definitely don’t want to see M/M slide into that deep dark abyss.

Next Friday I would like to do something different. Instead of talking about what’s wrong with M/M books I want to do a post on the flip side of the coin which you will help me write. I would like to profile five (5) new M/M authors (they must be published) who you think have the right stuff i.e. they write books which contain good plots, wonderful characters that move you, maybe they’re funny, and their books, while erotic, are not PWP (porn without plot).  You have to tell me what’s special about them, and anything else you think is important (perhaps they are kind to dogs and fans) 🙂

Why do I want to profile new authors? Because they frequently get lost amidst the “noise” of those who are already established and its difficult for them to find an audience/fan base without some help. To be fair, I’m looking for authors who have been published in the M/M sub genre for not more than one year.

Here’s what you have to do: email me at jessewave@gmail.com with the name of the author, his/her profile (it’s usually found on their websites), and the book(s) he/she has published to date along with his/her contact information: email, website etc. You have to tell me in your email why you think this writer is special and deserving of your admiration because I’ll probably get more than 5 recommendations and I may have to choose, based on how strongly you feel about your author. Please email me using the first “contact” link on the website under Navigation on the left hand sidebar.

I need your recommendations by next Wednesday evening, July 7, so that I can format the post in time for Friday.

Please include in the email in the subject line “New Author Recommendation.” The information on the author should be no more than about 300 words. Only one recommendation per reader please. If the author has already been interviewed on this site he/she is not eligible. You can find all interviews by clicking on the “interview” tag under Navigation. Remember, I’m looking for new M/M authors.

Thanks guys.


  • What a terrific idea to spotlight the brand new talents to the genre. Nice one, Wave. There are so many new to me authors, but then I go back and check and see that they’ve been slogging away for a couple of years. Maybe one of these days you could do an unsung heros post too, for those slow but steady performers who get lost in the shuffle.

    Meantime, I heartily second that nomination for Harper. Not only a tremendous talent but such a lovely, humble person.

    And what about the sexy and sharp-witted LB Gregg? She’s only been around for about a year. I know comedy gets no respect, but I think she’s a talent to watch — and I don’t say that because she’s a pal (though of course she is).

  • Hi. I’m new here and a somewhat new M/M book junkie…7 months or so. Since then I have been devouring M/M books like crazy. Anyway, just recently I read Crystal Rose’s, “I’ll be your Drill, Soldier”. I fell head over heals in love with this author and her style of writing. Laugh out loud funny,emotionally realistic, and sexy characters. Her story was IMO one of the best I’ve read. Every once in a while you read a story that kinda just sucks the air out of you at the end cuz it’s over… forever! Well, I don’t want it to be! I’ve had no success finding out anything else about her, so i’d like to nominate her in hopes of trying to get her out of her closet!=)

  • Love the idea –

    However, could you please classify what is considered a new writer status? (other than never have been interviewed on here before)

    Just so we are all on the same page. What I might consider a new writer on the block may not jive with the guy or gal next to me.

    Example: Writers with only one book out? Two? Some one who has had a long lapse between their freshman and sophomore books? Are we examining short stories? Novels? Novellas?

    Thanking you in advance (and trying not to be a pain in the arse…)

    • Hi George

      Thanks for the question. I thought I had explained in the post when I said that someone who had an M/M book published for about a year would be eligible.The comment about not having been interviewed on the site was in direct response to a question about another author who had been nominated (Tere Michaels) but who had been interviewed on the site and had also been published for almost 2 years.

      I’m flexible with the 1 year timeline and am even willing to go to 15 months, but I think I have to draw the line there. It doesn’t matter if the author has been writing in other genres before, as long as he/she had not been an M/M published author for more than 15 months, although I would prefer 1 year since this is for brand new authors. I think that’s eminently fair.

      Hope that answers your question.

  • Can we go with sheer nepotism?

    I’d like to suggest B.G. Thomas. He used to write for Drummer and other gay magazines in the 80s, before growing discouraged with their demands for more sex and less plot/character. I turned him on to the growing field of m/m romance and suggested he write something.

    At the moment he has two shorts out from Dreamspinner and one forthcoming from Torquere.

    He brings a unique perspective, being a midwestern bear in his fifth decade who has lived through the freedom of the late 70s, the 80s’ AIDS crisis and all the losses and fear and the 90s with all its political stuff.

    Not to mention, “Soul of the Mummy” is an excellent little paranormal.

    • Hi Angel
      It’s funny that you should nominate B.G. Thomas because I bought one of his shorts from Dreamspinner a couple of days ago, “Just Guys”, and I’m looking forward to reading and reviewing it in the upcoming week.

      Could you please email me his pertinent information and his website address and other contact information including his email, so that I have all the nominations in one place? Thanks Angel.

  • Hi Wave,

    This is a great idea. I love discovering a talented new author. How about Harper Fox? I though that Life After Joe was brilliant. It seemed so fresh, the characters were original, flawed and believable. The writing was on par with veteran authors, the story was interesting and the sex flowed from and actually advanced the story. What a novel idea! I have great hopes for Carina Press – the editing was top notch – I don’t remember noticing a single typo.

    • Hi TJ
      I’m glad you think the idea has merit. 🙂

      Harper Fox is a great talent. I had the pleasure of reviewing her first book and am looking forward to her next book which will be out in August. I already requested it.

      Because I have her information I won’t request that you email me officially with your nomination that should include all her particulars: email, website etc.

  • How exciting to learn about new authors that I may not have heard of….I tend to stick with who I know, and other than recs from this site, I dont think I have sought out a new author on my own…..ever! Great idea Wave. This is another reason this site is so awesome, you have great ideas:)

    • Hi Elaine
      Thank you for the nice words. I try to come up with ideas that don’t suck from time to time. 🙂

      I think new authors need a break because most of the time no one knows their name and they get discouraged and many times we lose talented writers that way.

  • Hi Wave,

    I’d like to nominate Eden Winters. Her books are honest, and the genuine emotion between her heroes is almost palpable. That is something I appreciate very much in an author, him or her writing “from the heart”, even if the actual stories sometimes don’t appeal to me that much. Especially “The Telling” had that quality.

    Also I like Eden Winter’s sometimes wry sense of humor, which IMO shows best in “The Wish”.

    Still, if I may, I’d like to second Phalene’s recommendation for Jane Seville. Zero at the bone simply swept me off my feet.

    Does Aleksandr Voinov count as a new author? His books have this genuine “written from the heart” feeling, too. I particularly like his sex scenes; there’s nothing repetitive, mechanical or boring about them, and they definitely don’t feel like chores, but are there to forward the plot.

    Thank you for this post, Wave. Honor to whom honor is due!

    Grt Feliz

  • Would Jane Seville count? She only has one book out (though she appears to have disappeared – maybe she no longer wishes to write m/m?).

    • Hi Phalene

      I think Jane would definitely count. Zero at the Bone is a favourite of mine and I believe she was writing a sequel (last time I talked to her). If you would like to recommend Jane I say go for it. 🙂

  • Hi Val
    I’m glad you approve. 🙂

    I thought I had beat up on everyone enough, so I’m going to be the sweet person I aspire to be, but just for one week. 🙂

  • Next Friday I would like to do something different. Instead of talking about what’s wrong with M/M books, I want to do a post on the flip side of the coin which you will help me write. I would like to profile five (5) new M/M authors (they must be published) who you think have the right stuff

    This is such a good idea! Immensely helpful to the new authors, of course, and very helpful to the readers. It reminds me of the Hugo Awards where the SFF fans vote in their favorites.


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