Pump Me Up (Work Out #2)

Title: Pump Me Up (Work Out #2)
Author: Andrew Grey
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Buy Link: Amazon.com
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
Length: Novella (119 pages)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

A guest review by Lily

Review Summary

An entertaining story of the love that unexpectedly grows between two men who appear at first to be total opposites.


Taking advantage of a free pass from work, Maddoc decides to try out a fitness center. After meeting up with a friend, Dan, and making dinner plans, Maddoc meets Ivan, a hunky, silver-haired ex-Marine who gives him a ride home. Soon Maddoc finds himself with a new friend, a workout partner, a protector… and maybe something more, as a simmering attraction comes to life between him and Ivan. After moving too fast in previous relationships that fell apart, Maddoc wants to start slow—wants to make sure it can last. Luckily, Ivan is willing to wait.

Work Out Series


Maddoc receives a free pass to a gym and decides to check it out. While there he sees Dan, a co-worker, and is introduced to a few of Dan’s friends. One of the men he meets is Ivan, a former Marine, and Maddoc is instantly drawn to him. The men slowly form a friendship of sorts as they meet at the gym to work out. Despite his attraction Maddoc isn’t really in a frame of mind to be thinking about anything more than friendship since he was hurt by failed relationships in the past and he’s also trying to deal with a rather frightening situation. Feeling overwhelmed he’s grateful when Ivan offers to show him how to defend himself. As the two men spend more and more time together their feelings deepen and soon they realize they are more than just friends.

As Maddoc struggles to deal with his situation and his need to take things slow it was nice to see Ivan supporting him and not just taking over. Often this kind of plot shows the smaller and supposedly weaker man needing to be rescued by their dominant and stronger partner. In this case while Maddoc is smaller than Ivan, and he admittedly did have periods where he was very frightened, when it came down to it he was able to take care of himself using his wits and the things he learned from Ivan. This balanced their relationship quite nicely.

I really enjoyed the focus of the story being kept on the relationship between Maddoc and Ivan and not letting it get lost in Maddoc’s situation. I found both men likable and their slowly evolving feelings and the fact that the physical aspect wasn’t rushed into, all combined to make this a sweet and easy read. The supporting characters are also nice and I especially enjoyed Maddoc’s witty comebacks when dealing with Lonnie, another friend at the gym.

Pump Me Up is a spinoff of Spot Me but can be read as a standalone. An interesting and at times amusing story of two men meeting, becoming friends and slowly realizing that their feelings have grown to be more than just friendship. I really liked how Maddoc and Ivan fit so well together and brought out the best in each other. Another well written and entertaining story by an author whose books I’ve enjoyed reading in the past.



  • I realize I may be way too late to get a response, but I’ve been away for a while and just saw this review.

    I really enjoyed this review, and I think I may be interested in getting it. I understand what you like about the story, but what didn’t work for you? What brought the story down to a 3.5?

    • Not late at all, Lacey. I just happened to be working today which is why my response took a while. 🙂

      Thanks, I’m glad you liked the review and hope you enjoy the story when you read it. To answer your question nothing in particular “brought it down” to a 3.5 rating. That rating shows that I enjoyed the book. It was better than average (a 3) but not so much that I didn’t want to put it down (a 4). A nice easy read that entertained me while I read it. Hope that answered your question. 🙂

  • I haven’t read it yet, but this part sounds especially good:

    nice to see Ivan supporting him and not just taking over. Often this kind of plot shows the smaller and supposedly weaker man needing to be rescued by their dominant and stronger partner.

    Great review, Lily!

  • I enjoyed it as well. It’s a light read (Maddoc’s problems not withstanding) and Lonnie is so over the top as to be unbelievable but everyone just rolls with his quips. He had a slightly larger role in the first book where you got to know him a bit beyond the smartass remarks. I have to confess I was kept guessing at the end.

    • It kept me guessing too which is a good thing. I don’t like it when it’s totally obvious. Lol, Lonnie is quite a character. 🙂


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