I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


  • Looks like the only one left is #3. Kinda surprised he didn’t get snapped up. Great eyes.
    Well, I can take him home so he won’t be lonely.;)

  • Hello Elaine
    Thank you for the belated b’day wishes. It was actually yesterday. 🙂
    No.5, the man with the sunglasses, is yours to fete. Take care of him.

  • Cant believe I got here in time for #5 please:)…OH! and BTW Wave….Happy Belated B-Day I think you said yours was sometime this week, so if Im late, sorry, if it’s yet to come have a wonderful day!

  • No one has requested un-numbered #8 yet? Then let me be the first! I’m liking these sports-themed photos (and hope they’ll provide inspiration for more sports-themed stories). 🙂

    • Sorry Ally but you have to wake up with the birds to get the prizes. 🙂 Better luck next week, but as you said it’s not as if you don’t already have your own harem. 🙂


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