Love, Grant

Title: Love, Grant
Author: AKM Miles
Publisher: Total E-Bound
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Genre: Contemporary Romance/Suspense
Length: Novella (159 pages)
Rating: 3 stars out of 5

A Guest Review by Aunt Lynn

One Sentence Review: Oh no, here we go again…


Grant and Jamie are back and you’d think life would be great now, but somebody is after them again.

It’s a year later and things should be wonderful. But someone seems to have it in for Grant and Jamie again.

How far will this person go to harm them? Small pranks that they, at first are able to explain away, turn into dangerous events that leave them once again terrorised. It can’t be him, can it? But he’s still in prison, isn’t he? The love between Grant and Jamie is strong and has them ready to do serious damage to whoever is threatening their happiness and their very lives. Enough is enough. Frankly, they’re tired of living in fear. They’re looking for a way to stop this madness. They’re going to find it.


Love, Grant is the sequel to Love, Jamie, which I reviewed here yesterday.  Though this story could be read as a standalone — the author gives enough of a backstory to make it possible — I wouldn’t recommend it as there is a lot of emotion and history that was built up for this continuation. While I didn’t hate Love, Grant, there were enough problems to make it an even less satisfying read than its predecessor.

We meet up with Jamie and Grant after a year together. Their lives are picture-perfect — Jamie has gotten his physical therapist certificate and is working in that position at the rehab centre from the last book, and Grant has gotten a job with the local Parks department via their neighbor Tony and is not only working the grounds, but umping baseball and softball games as well. They love each other very much and are so glad that Donnie, stalker extraordinaire, is behind bars for several years. But strange things begin to happen around their house and Brit, their dog, has begun to go barking mad all of a sudden for no apparent reason. With the events escalating, they have no choice but to involve the police. Can they survive another round of a crazy stalker?

The story is divided into two plots: first we get to see the domesticity of Jamie and Grant’s life, home improvement projects, cooking, and so on, as well as their sweet love. The characters are the same in all respects as the last book, so there are no surprises there. As I liked our protags quite a bit, that was all good. The other plot is them trying to figure out who is causing them trouble.

Favorite secondary cast members Miss Wilhemina, one of Jamie’s Little Old Ladies (LOLs), Brit the dog, and Mark and Wade, the two police officers who have become friends with our heroes and help them through their troubles all return to enrich Jamie and Grant’s lives. The two cops get much more screen time, and I would not be surprised to see them have their own book at some point.

The niggles:

There is no secret who the troublemaker is here as we are told very early on, and I had a real problem believing the circumstances of Donnie’s reentry into our heroes’ lives again. The only good thing I felt about the author bringing back this plot device was that we, the readers, are aware of who is causing the problems, but none of the characters do, which makes it just a touch more interesting.

I found myself being bored with the almost repetitive nature of the story: domestic bliss, smexxin, Brit goes crazy, weird/dangerous something happens and the aftermath of calling the police, them showing up to take the report and everyone trying to figure out what’s going on.

If the last book had almost too much smexxin, this one went over the line for me, and I ended up skipping through most of them. Second, I had to wonder why the vandalism to Grant’s truck was not covered by his insurance. I did some research and most of the major carriers in the US cover auto vandalism under standard comprehensive policies, and as much as he loves that truck, I would imagine he had comp coverage. He would only have had to pay the deductable. Lastly, it was said in the first book that Grant had his dog Roger with him in the car when it crashed, but here is says he was alone.


Fans of this author and of the first book will probably not be disappointed. I can’t say the same.



  • Hi Lynn,

    I consider myself a fan of this author, although I need to be in the right frame of mind for her writing style. I liked Love, Jamie, (while having the same problems with it that you did) but I was very disappointed by this sequel.

    Great review,


  • Hi Lynn
    I guess you overdosed on AKM Miles reading these books back to back. 🙁 Reading the review I can see how this story would drive me crazy with the continuous sex to make up for a lack of plot and all the inconsistencies. Yet this author is much loved by her fans. As I mentioned to Lily who reviewed another book by AKM Miles, this is the third book by this author reviewed here just within 48 hours and there’s another one coming up this week. Talk about coincidence.

    What you said about the auto insurance makes me wonder why authors don’t do the research to get their facts right, before including incorrect information in their books. It’s too bad that this and Brit’s age in the first book exposed some of these flaws.

    Great review as usual Lynn. 🙂

    • Thanks Wave. I do know Miles definitely has legions of fans, which is great, and I may be in the minority with the less-than-favorable reviews here. Every reader is different, which I love about us! Like I said, I did like her protags overall, but there were enough issues with the plots that left me disappointed.

      And yeah, I had to chuckle when I saw that Lily had reviewed another one by the same author on Friday as well! 🙂 And there’s another coming? How funny!


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