Stone Canyon by AKM Miles

Title: Stone Canyon
Author: AKM Miles
Publisher: MLR Press
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Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance/Mystery/Suspense
Length: Novel (265 pages)
Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5

A guest review by Lily

Review Summary

A rancher and a PI take on a murderer and his cohorts and find love along the way.


Rancher Micah Stone shows up at Private Detective Able Kenton’s office with a letter from his late mother. Micah wants answers. Able has his own letter to show Micah. Together they set out to find who killed Micah’s mother and why. Their first clue leads them to an attorney and the police. Micah and Able fall in love while going back and forth from the ranch to the city, from one crisis to another. The characters at the ranch keep things hopping with their own lives filled with comedy, tragedy, and love.

They get their answer, but it comes hard.


Micah Stone is still reeling from the death of his Mother when he receives a letter from her. In the letter he learns that she was murdered, the reason for it and who might have been behind it all. Furious, and also a bit hurt that she didn’t come to him for help, he seeks out Able Kenton, the private investigator who’d been working for her. The men are instantly attracted to each other and as they work closely together their feelings deepen. From strangers to friends and then to lovers their emotional connection surprises them both.

The action in this book moves back and forth from the city to Micah’s family ranch, Stone Canyon, as they follow clues. Along the way there will be bodies, bombings, kidnappings and shootings. With a wonderful cast of characters, seriously hot sex scenes, sweet and tender moments and lots of action throughout this was an entertaining story well worth reading. As expected from an AKM Miles story at the end the bad guys pay for their crimes and the good guys get their happy ending.

What I liked…

As with the previous books I’ve read from this author I really liked the characters. Even if they are a bit ‘too perfect’ to be real they are interesting and likable men and I enjoyed reading their story. Micah is a caring man who’s been through a lot in his life and his nurturing personality is evident throughout. Able is a warm and caring family man and their instant attraction, deepening feelings and sexual chemistry made for an entertaining read. The supporting characters are interesting additions to the story and the interactions between them are funny and heartwarming.

The pairing between Momm, a young man with a very troubled past, and Bobby Jaye, the young man who brings Micah the key to take down the bad guys, is sweet and romantic. Able’s father and brothers, the ranch workers and even the homeless man outside of Able’s loft all add an interesting layer to this story. Ms. Miles’ customary emphasis on romance, family and acceptance is at work once again in her latest story.

What I didn’t like…

While the set up for the murder mystery/suspense was there it ultimately didn’t work as well as it could have. There isn’t really a mystery to solve as the bad guys and their motivations are quickly identified, despite the action there’s not much suspense/tension either. The bad guys end up giving the impression of ineptitude as Micah and Able, with help from their friends/family, are able to take down the criminals with barely no assistance from law enforcement.


Stone Canyon is an enjoyable read although it missed out a bit on its potential. The characters are well drawn, the relationships between them interesting and the sweet HEA ending is trademark AKM Miles. Although readers looking for a true mystery/suspense may be disappointed fans of the author are sure to enjoy this one.



  • Euhhh, what a strange review by giving away EVERYTHING about the story so that I have absolutely NO reason anymore to buy the book and read it! I hope that the writer does not k*ll you for blowing up his book in his face!

    • *Lol*…Mirko,what do you except from a m/m romance/suspense/mystery ? Death and destruction ? The bad guys win and no HEA ?
      The author just followed all the rules so don`t be mad at the reviewer – no harm done.

    • Mirko, I’m sorry my review bothered you. However, I didn’t give “everything” away instead I gave a broad overview of the book and what worked and didn’t work for me.

      Oh, and I surely do hope that she doesn’t k*ll me.


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