French Kisses by Ethan Day

As you know, this site doesn’t do things the traditional way of most review sites and I’m somewhat unorthodox (is that laughter I hear?) 🙂 so when Ethan told me that he was doing a piece (sorry, this doesn’t mean what Ethan thinks) 🙂 about his journey for his latest masterpiece I asked for a copy. Of all the authors whose books I have read, I think Ethan is the most unusual because not only does he live in his own world which I’m sure is a very scary place, he’s also incredibly open about himself, a characteristic that’s most unusual for an author. If you read his ‘coming out’ story here you’ll understand why he hits all my bases.

I wanted to share his latest journey with you, which is another ‘coming out’ in a way, to give you a sense of why Ethan Day writes those complicated human stories that he does, and why his characters act the way they do (I think he recreates himself in his characters). Here then, is French Kisses. I hope you enjoy this post, and by the way, Ethan Day’s latest story At Piper’s Point will be reviewed by Aunt Lynn on Monday who swears that she’s going to be really tough …….. this time.


With the release of each book I write comes the moment when I sit back and think about the story itself, the journey I went on as author, and the themes which spring forth from the pages – whether intentional or accidental. I try putting it all into perspective; soaking up as much as possible so I may grow from the experience and mature as a writer…hopefully perfecting my craft a teensy bit more. Fortunately, for all of you, this blog post has nothing to do with that mess.  🙂

That’s not to say this post wasn’t inspired by my new book, At Piper’s Point. On the contrary — as the muse of today’s ramblings — much like Cassidy was forced to do upon returning to the ancestral home of his grandmother, I decided to take a turn at staring down my own past. More specifically…to revisit some of my firsts.

Personally, I find memories more satisfying than any photographic evidence which has managed to survive. Yes, I used the word survive — as in anything I haven’t gotten my hands on and destroyed. Really must try having another go at convincing my parents I need a key to their house. Right now you’re all thinking I must be attempting to hide something horrible from my past. Well, you’re not wrong. In my head, I’m able to change my wardrobe and hair styles in a flash. For anyone who grew up in the eighties, you know exactly how priceless a gift that can be.

Whether real or slightly altered by my imagination, the costumes may change but the plot lines of my own history are never altered. It’s not that I’m all brave or anything, merely delusional in the sense I can take my foibles and twist them all around in my head until I’ve convinced myself that those experiences didn’t suck so bad after all! Here’s an example to illustrate the way my mind works: That hot guy who used a little too much tooth-action when giving head wasn’t bad at the BJ’s, merely hungry. Had I been a better host, I’d have fed him a snack first — handed out a granola bar or a snack cake on the way up to my bedroom.

 See how that works? (Just nod your head and pretend if you don’t)

 Sweet! Onward and upward we may go, then.

So my first adult kiss (the kind with tongue) took place many moons ago and as it happens, was with someone of the female persuasion, so yes people — I too kissed a girl…and okay, I liked it. Though, for the record, I’m pretty sure I was the one wearing the Cherry Chap Stick. And while I’ve never regretted having had that gay-on-girl encounter (nor the Cherry Chap Stick for that matter), unlike my love and adoration for Ms. Jackson if you’re Nasty, the experience never stuck with me.

 What sets the B.G. (before gay) kiss apart from my first man-on-man lip action? The only thing I truly remembered about that first French kiss was the fact that it was with a girl. In retrospect, everything about that kiss went the way it was supposed to, but it felt more like I was checking something off my to do list — no heat or angsty goodness. Despite the fact it wasn’t exactly the stuff of fire and music, I can still hear my teen doppelganger bragging about the fact that I wasn’t gay after all. But even then I knew I was full of shit. I’d have traded my parachute pants, Reebok high tops, and every last Swatch Watch to have had Charles in Charge of me. Obviously, as we all NOW know…there was no one to blame for this lack of chemistry. I just wasn’t ready to ask the same question made popular by the little old lady from the Wendy’s ad campaign back in the day, “Where’s the Beef?”

 I do however, remember every detail of my first man-kiss with crystal clear clarity: the way he leaned through the passenger side window of my friend’s car with that crooked smile on his face…the softness of his lips as they pressed into mine…the heat from his mouth and the taste of alcohol on his breath…the stubble on his chin that scratched at mine…not to mention the instant arousal that followed once he’d slowly slipped his tongue into my mouth. I wanted to scream like a little girl and run down the street hi-fiving total strangers after that kiss, which is forever burned into my brain.

 For those of you who are already romantically pondering the serious questions: Like how long did we go out? Did he ever tell me he loved me? Did he at least spit on it before sticking it in? I’m afraid I’m going to have to burst your bubble since I never saw him again. Its true folks, I started my career at a very young age. I was racking up missed opportunities and storing up enough “what-if’s” to last me a lifetime — saying cheesy-ass stuff like: “If it’s meant to be, I’ll see him again.”

 I know…like, gag me with a spoon!

 Believe me when I say, NO ONE can bullshit me, better than me. It’s not that I’ve lived my life with my head in the clouds so much as I likely have a head full of clouds. It’s seriously murky inside there. But sometimes being left with not enough is better than getting too much. Think about that the next time you run into that evil ex who tortured your emotions and left your insides feeling like Robert Downey Jr. in the nineties.

 For Cassidy and friends in At Piper’s Point, looking back at the past also comes with its ups and downs. There’s that famous quote about how it’s not the destination, but the journey that counts. Hopefully, for those of you who decide to read the book, …like me…you’ll be happy with both.

 Much Love


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I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


  • Hahaha! I didn’t realize you wrote “I still swoon when I think of it” when I posted my comment, until I just reread it. Ok, well hell, I swoon when I think of mine too, damn it! LOL! My bad.

    • Hi Michelle! I don’t hold the exclusive rights to swoon so it’s all good ; ) Happy to hear you have some swoon-worthy memories of your own, though. We should all have some of those.

      Hopefully the book will be worth the long-ass wait.

  • LMAO, Ethan! I love it when you do interviews, you’re always good fun!

    After reading this I’m quite certain I remember my first girl kiss with much more clarity than you remember yours. Her lips were so soft and she had just eaten strawberries and tasted sweet and I was the one with the Cherry Chap Stick on. 😉 I still swoon when I think of it.

    Oh, and I’m glad to know there’s at least one other person out there that rewrites their past to better suit them! My brain has a tendency to exaggerate the good things and down play the bad (or just pretend they didn’t happen at all).

    Thanks for the laugh, Ethan and for sharing part of your past! Have a great weekend! (3 days till At Piper’s Point!!!! *doing a happy dance*)

  • Thanks for letting me post and play here today Wave!

    But you don’t have to go around encouraging Aunt Lynn to be tough on me! I don’t think toughness should be allowed outside the bedroom. And I doubt Lynn or her partner had that type of reviewing in mind. : )

    • Aunt Lynn has very strict instructions to be the toughest she can be and I know she listens to me (sure she does!!) This is a review site and every author is treated the same — crappily. Is there such a word? 🙂 We have the readers to think about and a reputation to maintain. Wait a second, did I say a reputation to maintain? I just remembered some of the posts I wrote – – I take that back.

      You’re in Aunt Lynn’s hands. I know that bribery is neither beneath nor above you, so give it your best shot. Get on your horse and ride it! (I think I had a moment there) 🙂 Sex won’t work because neither of you swing in the same direction. She made me promise not to give you her email address, just in case. 🙂

      • LMAO!! I’d rather ride a cowboy instead of a horse, if it’s all the same to you. I’m sure I’m not alone in that. : )

        And I’ll not resort to bribery. I’ll just cross my fingers and hope for good news. (I try it every week with those damn lottery tickets but so far nuthin’)

  • Ethan,

    I can hardly wait for At Piper’s Point. It’s like you have given us a major tease, I want more Ethan!

    I accidentally destroyed nearly all evidence that I was alive from 1976 to 1989. My Mom’s still not happy about that. Grade school through High School pictures really aren’t that important are they?

    • Hey Susie!

      LOL…tease? Me? I wouldn’t do anything like that! : )

      And you have my full support on your vengence against school pictures. They’re the worst!!

  • That was a great Saturday morning read. Thanks for sharing your cloud-filled brain with us, Ethan. Now I gotta read At Piper’s Point. 🙂

  • OMG Ethan. Once again you open the doors to fun and laughter–one of your best qualities doncha know? Especially for me and others like me… Fans, Ethan, fans! *sheesh*

    Man, all the firsts… and may I say that I, personally, am very glad that I’d done my growing up prior to the 80’s. Much easier having a family then than to try to figure out who I was… not that I’ve been able to really achieve that milestone as I’m still a work in progress. *sigh*

    Another excellent Ethan story… and seriously I want a book someday y’know.


  • Thank you for giving us a little insight into your brain, Ethan. I think a lot of us, myself included of course, use the costume/hairdo presto-chango thing in our heads. I purposely didn’t have many pictures taken of myself in the 80’s. I mean really, no one wants to remember that. 🙂

    Great post!

  • Hey Ethan,

    Well said. I always enjoy getting a little piece of you. (do NOT go there!) You think the 80’s was bad, I’m a decade or so older and grew up in the 60’s and 70’s – think lots of paisley, bell bottoms and platform shoes. Sadly the pictures still survive.

    It’s great to be able to look back at our pasts, relive the good times, and hopefully not cringe anymore at the foolish things we did, but take the lessons learned.

    I’m looking forward to reading At Piper’s Point. I was going through Ethan Day withdrawal. I finally had to reread Dreaming of You and As You Are to get by.

    • Hi TJ! I was totally gonna go there – but since you told me not to… 🙂

      And I was around for those 70’s as well. I remember the late 70’s at any rate. The multi colored, vertical striped bell-bottom jeans…tres chic. : ) And of course they eventually made fab cut-offs as well.

      I certainly hope you enjoy the new book! I’m not sure if I wrote it, or it wrote me…but either way it’s almost here! : )

  • Dang, boy! I know it wasn’t you but you reminded me why I never think about my first “big” kiss. It was with a boy but he turned out to be gay. I was kinda naive and young but even then I would’ve sworn he was gay until he gave me lots of evidence he was interested. Now I think I’ll go back to forgetting about that kiss again. Or using it for a storyline.

    • LOL. Sorry Treva 🙂 I think I was a Freshman in high school for my first smoochie. As such I can assure you it was likely more accidental than any type of a calculation on my part.

      I was never real great when it came to scheming…if you can believe that. 🙂


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