5th Ugly Covers Competition

As you know this site is about FUN in addition to reviews and lots of other stuff. So it’s that time again when you select the worst covers you can find and pit them against each other. I can’t believe that we’re on competition #5 already … it seems like just yesterday that we started this competition.

Please submit your nominations to jessewave@gmail.com with the subject line 5th Ugly Covers Competition. The covers must be really ugly, not just plain and insipid. Some of you have already started sending me covers for this competition before the ink was dry on the last winner, you were so eager.

In case you forgot, here are the nominees in the last competition: link You will have to top these wonderful artists’ renditions this time around. 🙂  The winner of our 4th Ugly Competition was The Menstruating Mall and Tam’s post awarding the Gold Medal was priceless. 🙂

Now get to work to find those lovely covers. Authors you can stop sending me your own covers – that’s not nice. Kidding!!!

The competition closes in two weeks. Get busy. 🙂


  • Carlton Mellick should get his own special lifetime award for awful — he’s dominated the nominations for the last several years and keeps winning.

  • I really like these competitions – well, in a morbid way *g*.

    But as this is actually the FIFTH Ugly Covers competition (I hadn’t realised): what about a special tag just for them?


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