Born To Be Wylde (Wylde and Born to Be Wylde #2)

Title: Born to be Wylde (Wylde and Born to Be Wylde #2)
Author: Jan Irving 
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
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Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: Novella (100 PDF pages)
Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5

Summary Review: Ken wakes up with his rescuer and a body full of bruises.


Deputy Ken Ito wakes up from a nightmare in a strange place: a cave in the woods, cared for by a beautiful young man with long hair that smells of cedar. Ken falls under Wylde’s spell, feeling like he’s lost in one of those captive-captor romances: Wylde found him, saved him… and now he considers Ken his.

But Ken has to get back to his life and find out who beat him and left him for dead, suspecting it must have something to do with his investigation of disappearances on the remote stretch of road he patrols. Protective Wylde follows him and they begin a fledgling affair, but the danger to them—and their hearts—is following close behind.

Wylde and Born to Be Wylde Series


Ken Ito is a part-time sheriff’s deputy in a small rural area of Washington State.  He took the job for some extra money and out of sense that he was helping people.  Not long after he started his patrols, he found out about the people missing along one of his routes.  It seems as though a number of hitchhikers have disappeared through the years and investigations have never turned up any clues.

As the story unfolds, Ken wakes to a battered and bruised body, his own.  What happened?  How did he get in this cave and who is caring for him?  Whoever it is, the questions will have to wait until he gets better. It turns out that his rescuer and now caregiver is Wylde.  Wylde grew up in this area with his grandfather although he moved away, but comes back from time to time because this is the only place he has ever felt at home. As Ken heals, he remembers the attack and shadowy images of his attacker.  He had been on patrol route and happened upon a shallow grave containing the latest victim, but he was attacked before he could make a report.

Ken and Wylde form a friendship that becomes sexual, but there is a good pace here.  Each is a patient lover and not afraid to let the other know what he truly wants.   

The plot and subplots all fit together very well.  Ken and Wylde get to know each other little by little through their first conversations, and we are treated to their thoughts in a manner that easily flows through the story and enhances it.  And all through the story is the threat of the unknown killer.  Ken asks all the questions that we would if we were newly hired deputies, including whether the previous investigators had not connected the dots.

I liked this story by Jan Irving. I was prepared not to because I had reviewed one other story by this author and didn’t care for it much. However, Born to be Wylde is very good.  There is a lot of background on Ken and Wylde and readers are introduced to Ken’s dad and to the other deputy with whom Ken shares his route.  Ken makes pottery, a relaxing hobby that helps him express his artistic side, and the process is described as Ken attempts to show Wylde how to form a pot.  It really felt to me as though I was there with my hands in the clay.

There are a few little niggles that I have, but overall Born To Be Wylde isn’t hurried even though it is fairly short and the conclusion fits very well. The sex scenes were appropriate for the story and enjoyable.



  • Maybe I will buy this John but something in the blurbs of her books never attract me. So I have never read one of her books also because of the mixed reviews.

  • Hi John, do you know by any chance if this story is a sequel to her book Wylde? I have very mixed impressions of her works (liked a lot some books, but extremely disliked others), and Wylde is unfortunately one of those I was unimpressed with. So I would be very nervous to try a sequel if it is a sequel, but it sounds so tempting from your review 🙂

    Thanks so much.

    • Sirius, I don’t know if this is a sequel. Maybe Wave knows. It didn’t ‘feel’ like one. There weren’t any references to something that happened previously without proper explanation.

      I very much understand your hesitation toward Jan Irving books. As I mentioned in my review, I wasn’t expecting to like this one. But I do. I did find the spelling of Wylde’s name odd.

      Go ahead and buy it. I think it’s worth it.

      • Wylde is a secondary character from her book Wylde. And I’m really glad this one worked for you, John, because Wylde was a huge disappointment for me.

        • Hey Lynn, As you know I either like ’em or can’t stand ’em. I liked this one. Easy read, no sudden endings, and the sex worked nicely. Wave wondered about my usage of the word ‘nice’? Was it boring? No, it just fit.

        • Thanks Aunt Lynn and thanks John for commenting, I thought that it was a sequel, the name is spelled too unusually and yeah I was staring at the Wylde after I finished and was shaking my head. When esl speaker like me starts thinking about POV switch and awkward fragmented phrases, it is not good, I am usually very forgiving about things like that. But when it is soo overwhelming, I just can’t.

          On the other hand, while I extremely disliked Wylde and couple others, there were books by her that I really liked, so I need to think more about this one. Thanks again guys.


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