Recommended Reads for July, 2010

For once I’m on time. 🙂 Here are your Recommended Reads for last month. In case you missed these books this is another opportunity to read all about them. Enjoy!

Stirring Up Trouble by ZA Maxfield, 5+ stars – MLR Press (Wave)
Counterpoint by Ruth Sims, 5+ stars – Dreamspinner Press (Victor J. Banis)
Lover’s Knot by Donald L. Hardy, 5+ stars – Running Press (Leslie)
Lily White, Rose Red by Catt Ford, 5 stars – Dreamspinner Press (Aunt Lynn)
Blinded By Our Eyes by Clare London, 5 stars – Carina Press (Jenre)
At Piper’s Point by Ethan Day, 5 stars – Loose Id (Aunt Lynn)
Truth In The Dark by Amy Lane, 5 stars – Dreamspinner (Kassa)
Sleepwalker by Jordan Castillo Price,  5 stars  – JCP Books (Wave)
Aloes by Chris Quinton, 4.75 stars – Manifold Press (Val)
Martin and the Wolf by Anne Brooke, 4.75 stars – Amber Allure (Jenre)
Deviations: submission by Chris Owen & Jodi Payne, 4.5 stars – Torquere Press (Wave)
Yesterday’s Names by Vivien Dean, 4.5 stars – Amber Allure (StaceyR)
Infected Prey by Andrea Speed, 4.5 stars – Dreamspinner Press (Jenre)
Just Desserts by Scarlet Blackwell, 4.5 stars – Samhain Publishing (Wave)
Hungry by Helen Louise Caroll, 4.5 stars – Amber Allure (Wave)
Things I’ll Never Say by M.J. O’Shea, 4.5 stars – Republica Press (Wave)
Wings of Equity by Sean Kennedy, 4.5 stars – Dreamspinner Press (Kassa)
Fall Down The Mountain by P.D. Singer, 4.5 stars – Torquere Press (Jenre)


  • That’s weird – I get that too sometimes with my Sony. For certain publishers, it only understands ePub and for others it hates ePub and only reads PDFs – I just have to remember which is which!

    Am looking forward to getting the UK Kindle (at last!) at the end of August 🙂


  • Hi Wave,

    this was the first ebook I ever bought from MLR directly, so I wouldn’t know about other books.

    Usually, I always chose epub because this is what works best with my Sony (I have a PRS 505). Never had any troubles.

    The allromanceebooks PDF didn’t go well with the Sony either, but they have now a special Sony PDF which is just perfect if epub format isn’t available.

  • One caveat for Stirring Up Trouble!
    If you intend to read this book on a Sony Reader, and if you buy it directly at MLR Press, DONT chose epub format. Although MLR tried to be helpful, I wasn’t able to open the book on my Sony Reader. Even had trouble downloading it to my hard drive (where it still sits waiting to be read, unfortunately, because I hate reading ebooks on my computer). Can’t say anything about other devices or other formats, of course, but MLR informed me that the reformatting caused trouble with stanza, too.

    • Feliz
      I had no idea. Was it just this one book that you couldn’t read on your Sony or all of MLR’s books that are formatted in ePub?

      I had my book converted from PDF to prc (for my Kindle) by amazon since I still haven’t done my own conversions and had no trouble reading it.


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