Life, Over Easy

Title: Life, Over Easy
Author: K.A. Mitchell
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary M/M, Paranormal
Length: Novel (179 PDF pages)
Rating: 4.75 stars out of 5

Summary Review: Can two different men whose reasons for living have been taken away, ever find that one person who will make them whole again? John and Mason need each other or they may not survive.


Watch that first step. It could turn your life upside down.

Fragments, Book 1

Until a fall ended his Olympic diving career, John Andrews lived for the seconds he spent in the air. Now he’s adrift on a college campus, grounded by paralyzing vertigo and double vision. Worse, he sees shimmering colors over everyone’s heads.

The last is hardest to ignore, and impossible when it comes to Mason. While sex with the hot, moody computer major gives John a rush as heady as diving, Mason’s the only person John’s ever seen surrounded by two distinct colors.

Mason feels like a stranger in his own life. His lover is dead, and he drowns his guilt in bourbon and sex—until John’s innocence reawakens the man he used to be. After Mason gives the young virgin a proper introduction to sex, he plans to send him on his way. But John sees too much to make things that easy.

For John, their connection is more than just sizzling sex, it’s something worth fighting for. The more he learns about the colors, though, the more he realizes the free-spirited Mason isn’t free at all. John doesn’t take second place to anyone—even the dead.


This book is, without a doubt, K.A’s hottest since Collision Course with Joey and Aaron, reviewed here and Diving in Deep, which I read over 2 years ago and will review later this month.  I think it’s the author’s most complicated and imaginative love story because there are three people in the bed, except it’s not a menage because one of them is dead. Life, Over Easy is also the first book in a new series.

John Andrews is a 21 year old virgin, a former Olympic double gold medallist in diving, but now all he has is double vision. John’s life changed in a flash when he sustained a head injury while practising for the upcoming Olympics competitions, and his dreams of a repeat ended.  Now, in addition to a brain injury and severe vertigo which sometimes requires him to use a cane, he has a new gift – the ability to read other people’s auras through the colours he sees above their heads. No longer is he able to watch a tennis match or drive, but he can tell if someone is lying because of the changing colours in their auras.

Mason is also damaged goods. He had been driving when his car skidded on ice almost a year ago and his passenger, his lover Alex, was killed. Now bourbon is his best friend. He is unable to move on with his life and wishes that he were dead instead of Alex because he feels guilty about his death, even though he was not to blame for the accident.

When they met at a student function John and Mason decided to get together because they each wanted the same thing – sex. Mason could not believe his luck when John told him that he was virgin territory except for an ex who used his mouth for oral sex but selfishly never reciprocated. John, who was still traumatized by his accident and treatment at the hands of his ex had decided to get on with his life, what was left of it anyway, and the first step was to lose his pesky virginity. He and Mason went to Mason’s house to do the deed but it seemed that alcohol and sex really don’t mix because Mason fell asleep in the middle of the fun part. The next morning John met Mason’s roommates and gained a few new friends, but Mason and John couldn’t work things out between them and John gave him up as a lost cause. A few men later, he and Mason hooked up and John succeeded in his quest to lose his virginity, but they kept rubbing each other the wrong way and broke up again. Then a strange incident took place which brought Mason back into his life with a vengeance, along with his dead boyfriend. Alex, Mason’s dead boyfriend who was stuck on earth, seemed very real and John realized very quickly that he was only a substitute in the game of love since Alex was Mr. Perfect who could do no wrong and his halo was firmly in place.

Life, Over Easy requires that you suspend disbelief because there is a ghost in this story and one of the protagonists has developed inhuman abilities as a result of an accident. If you can believe in the concept that when you lose an ability you gain another, then you will love this book. There are no weres or vamps or other paranormals here, just a human being with a sixth sense and extraordinary powers. I loved this book and the characters but the one problem I had was that John and Mason spent about 30% to 40% of their time apart as they tried to work out their own issues, so the relationship took a long time to jell. 

The sex was steamy and hot and at times John and Mason rocked the house in more ways than one. The dialogue was very funny, even the dead guy who won’t stay dead was at times hilarious. John was probably the craziest character, with  his weird ideas about sex. He was so naive he believed that gay guys only wore jocks because that’s all they wore in Internet porn, so when he went cock hunting that’s what he wore. 🙂 The prose was also vintage K.A – excellent.

The book has a large cast of characters including Mason’s roommates Lizzy, Kai and Carrie and I thought that the most unusual was Lizzy who was fabulous and not at all a fag hag. The other characters were all three dimensional especially Tyler, the man-whore who thought about sex first and last thing every day as well as every hour in between. I hope his story is next because, despite his lack of morals, he was quite sweet.

If you love angst, you will be in heaven because there’s so much of it in Life, Over Easy — anger, grief and hurt feelings, as John tried to deal with a life altering injury and being a substitute in someone’s life once again – first his dad, then his closeted ex, and now Mason who seemed unable to move on from the accident and Alex partly because of his guilt. Many forces had to align before the romance worked out for them.

K.A.  Mitchell has a knack for creating great characters, bringing them to vibrant life, and making readers love them. Life, Over Easy is another ‘opposites attract’ theme but with a very different sub plot. I loved the book and I think you will too, although at times I wondered if Mason and John would ever resolve their differences, but did they ever, in grand style! Highly recommended.


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  • a’ight, wave …
    i read it – yay! and i think the story of self discovery and love is stronger for their time apart. the protags needed to truly grow on their own first before coming together. this is a 5 starer for me for sure…

    • Hi kkm
      I’m so glad you liked the story. Next to Collision Course it’s probably my favourite (tied with Diving in Deep) because I love the characters.

  • this book is aaamazing. went to her livejournal to read the first chapter and a piece of the second. niiiiice.

  • Wave wrote: “A few men later he had succeeded in his quest to get laid, except he can’t forget Mason”

    You make it sound like his virginity went to a random, Wave. He did give it up to Mason, though, of course, not the night Mason fell asleep on him. I know that will make a difference to some people. 😉

    I enjoyed this one very much. The synthesia was intriguing and very well described and nurtured here. It could have been disastrous–the author could have forgotten to describe the color of sounds half way through or done it inconsistently. I give Ms Mitchell high marks on that one.

    • Hi Budajsguy

      You make it sound like his virginity went to a random, Wave. He did give it up to Mason, though, of course, not the night Mason fell asleep on him. I know that will make a difference to some people.

      Guess I should reword slightly.

      I like the synaesthesia idea. As you said, it could have been disastrous if it wasn’t handled properly but K.A. pulled it off.

      Glad you liked the book.


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