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An author emailed me today to advise that there were concerns expressed by his peers and readers about spoilers in reviews posted on this site. He suggested that we should have a “spoiler alert” like other review sites do when/if we’re going to reveal a major plot point.

I want to assure all of you, first of all, that we don’t believe in revealing spoilers. Of course, with the extended reviews that we write I can’t say with 100% certainty that no review will contain spoilers, ever, but I hope that we can keep our “spoiler” rate down to 1/2 of 1%  or less.

Since I’m a reader I don’t want to read reviews with spoilers because why bother to buy the book? As you know, we provide a “cut” line after the summary review so that those readers who only want to see the ratings and summaries need not go any further. For those of you who want to read the entire reviews, if/when you feel there are spoilers please bring them immediately to the attention of the reviewers and ask that they delete the ‘offending’ words or phrases. You can also write me if, for some reason, you can’t contact the reviewer.

Thanks guys.


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  • Wave, I haven’t ever noticed this to be a problem with your site. I know you all take special care not to include spoilers in your reviews–you’ve all alluded to how difficult that sometimes makes it to write the review. I, for one, definitely appreciate the care you all take in creating these long reviews for us to enjoy (or ignore, as the case may be ;)).

    I’m like Larissa, too, in that if I want to go blindly into a book (At Piper’s Point, A Vintage Affair, & Fair Game being recent examples), then I won’t read any reviews until I’ve finished the book itself. At other times, I’m so damn glad there’s a long review out there (your warnings about Bareback are what intrigued me into downloading the sample) so I can prepare myself.

    So, in conclusion, 😉 a big thumbs up and many thanks to all y’all here for your hard, spoiler-free work!

    • Thanks Budajsguy
      It’s nice to know that we’re doing a good job. We really try hard not to include spoilers because I personally don’t want them in reviews that I read. I don’t believe in including *spoiler alerts* because invariably someone may miss the warnings and get pissed. I’m hoping this is an isolated case because we don’t get many complaints.

      Thanks again for the thumbs up. 🙂

  • Hi Larissa

    If you want to read a book completely unspoiled then don’t read a review. I did so a couple of times when I wanted to go into a book “blind”

    Great advice Larissa.

    The problem is that on this site we write indepth reviews because that’s what the readers want. There was a survey and they voted overwhelmingly to continue with the long reviews. The danger with long reviews is that occasionally a spoiler might slip through but we are on the alert.

  • Hmmm. This is sort of double. You know when you read a review that you get an insight into the story. There might not be spoilers, but it gives you a better understanding of the book and what the reviewer thought of the book.

    If you want to read a book completely unspoiled then don’t read a review. I did so a couple of times when I wanted to go into a book “blind”


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