Nature’s Own by Nica Berry

Title: Nature’s Own
Author: Nica Berry
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Genre: M/M Fantasy/Menage (m/m/m)
Length: Novel
Rating:2 out of 5 stars

A guest review by Lily

Review Summary:

This story never lived up to my expectations despite it’s interesting storyline.

Spoiler alert! Please be aware this review contains information that may be considered plot spoilers.


Amun, born with the gift of seeing the auras of other fae, is on a mission to aid his lover Loridan, the ailing fae prince. While there, Amun finds Shane, a young fae with gifts for both healing and sexuality who apparently has only one thought in his head: to get Amun naked and in his bed.

But Amun doesn’t have time for Shane despite his deep attraction. He’s busy searching for the madman who is corrupting nature by introducing fae gifts to humans and killing Loridan in the process. He’s also preoccupied with the knowledge that while Loridan won’t touch him anymore, the prince apparently has no problem inviting Shane into his bed.

Shane won’t give up on sleeping with Amun, but by the time Amun realizes how much he loves Shane, it’s too late. Amun must go on a desperate search to save both Shane and Loridan while struggling to accept the first rule of the fae: to be true to one’s own nature.


Amun, bloodhound and lover to the Fae Prince Loridan, is working against the clock to stop Vince, a madman killing fae and consequently injuring Loridan. As he searches for Vince he finds and rescues Shane, a fae with an unusual combination of gifts. Despite his instant attraction to Shane he resists the other man’s advances because of his love for Loridan. When Shane is taken from him it will be many years before he finds him again.

As the years pass more and more fae are killed and Loridan continues to weaken. By the time Amun finds Shane again the other man has no memories of the past due to his continued association with humans. As Amun works to save both Loridan and Shane he continues to fight his attraction to Shane despite his growing feelings of love. When Loridan and Shane form a bond Amun realizes he needs and loves them both but it may be too late for them all. Will he be able to find the killer, protect Shane and save Loridan or will his lose everything he’s fighting so hard to keep?

This story was a mixed read for me. I was drawn to it when I read the blurb but it ultimately failed to grab me. The plot is interesting enough with Amun and Loridan’s story which dates back to the Egyptian times being told throughout and the contrast of the modern times and their relationship now. However, the storyline of Vince and the killings left me more confused than anything as it didn’t make sense to me that he could get away with his evil doings for so many years and then he was so easily stopped at the end. Also I found the issue of Amun’s instant-love for Shane a bit strange. A few hours together and when he returns Loridan  is able to tell right away that Amun loves Shane. Ten years later he still feels the same when he finds Shane but continues to deny it.

I also wasn’t convinced with the menage aspect. Amun and Loridan have barely touched each other in over a decade yet shortly after Shane reaches the Otherworld he’s in bed with Loridan. At this point I’m feeling really sorry for Amun and not liking either of the other two. I never really felt the connection between any of them although the sex scenes are well written and hot.

I also found it strange how easily they were able to find Vince in the end despite the many many years that Amun searched fruitlessly for him. The story’s resolution just felt too easy and convenient. There is a bit of action throughout which did help to keep the story flowing along. Despite that the book never really drew me in and I was ultimately disappointed with it.

This is just one person’s opinion of this book and it may certainly appeal to fans of the author as well as those who enjoy Fantasy books. Unfortunately it’s not one that I can recommend.


  • Hi, Lily! I have to admit that I find the blurb more confusing than anything else, and it’s that third paragraph of the blurb that makes no sense to me. Your review helps immensely to sort out what sounds like a complicated plot. 🙂

  • I’m glad you reviewed this book. Books by this author always have interesting blurbs, but when I read the book, it’s very disappointing or not what I expected.

    From your review i gather it’s much of the same. Which doesn’t necessarily make it a bad book, just not for me.

    Thanks for reviewing 🙂

    • “Books by this author always have interesting blurbs, but when I read the book, it’s very disappointing or not what I expected.”

      Larissa, that’s exactly what I feel. The blurb hooked me but the story itself just didn’t live up to my expectations.


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