Readers’ Favourite Gay Books – Update

Last March we updated the most popular post on the site: Readers’ Favourite Gay Books. Well it’s time to do so again at the end of September, which will be 6 months since the last update. Here’s a link to the post

The criteria is the same:

The books must be those you absolutely love
The books must be gay fiction or M/M.

Please classify the books according to the system on the post since this will make it easy on whoever will be doing the update. Here’s the classification


S=Speculative Fiction/Paranormal/Fantasy
Social History=SH

Wren Boudreau did the honours of putting together the original list and doing the update but I don’t know her current availability since she may be writing a new book, in which case I will have to ask someone to volunteer for the job since there’s only so much I can do. 🙂

Please  insert your new favourite gay books in the comments (check whether they are already on the list before you do so) and you have until September 1 to get in your recommendations for the updated Readers’ Favourite Gay Books. If you check out the cover that accompanies this post you’ll see one of my recommendations. 🙂

Thanks Guys.


  • I do most certainly appreciate everyone checking the original list to avoid repeats, and I just want to point out that I myself couldn’t seem to follow this advice. So if anyone is sitting there thinking “that Wren’s an idiot,” well, I’m blaming it on hormones.

    With the suggestion of James Buchanan’s All or Nothing, I saw that Cheating Chance and Inland Empire were not on our original list (unless I missed them) so I’m suggesting those!


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