Wild Thing

Title: Wild Thing
Author: Mia Watts
Publisher: Total-e-Bound
Genre: Paranormal M/M
Buy link: Amazon.com
Length: short story (47 PDF pages)
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Summary Review: An amusing tale of two longtime friends turned lovers. A hint of danger gave the story some added excitement.


The residents of small Minnesota town, Libby, are used to seeing Timber wolves in their woods. But the sightings being reported to DNR officer Jack Allen are anything but typical. These reports indicate a huge species of the wolf, and they’re scared.
Having grown up in the town, Jack knows just who to ask for help, long time friend Ryan Walsh. It doesn’t hurt that he’s had a crush on Ryan for as long as he can remember.
As a wildlife photographer, Ryan lives in the woods and pretty much keeps to himself. He’d be perfectly happy to share that existence with a certain sexy DNR guy. So when Jack asks for his help in tracking a huge wolf, Ryan jumps at the chance to get Jack alone.
But what will happen when Ryan shifts into his canine form and Jack is looking down the barrel of his tranq gun?


Thirty five year old Ryan is a nature photographer and he and Jack had been friends since childhood. Jack realized a number of years ago that he had a crush on Ryan but didn’t feel that there was any hope for him because not only was Ryan very good looking, but he had been dating Justin who could have been a GQ cover model. They had broken up 6 years ago but now that Ryan was free Jack still didn’t think he had a chance with him because he felt insecure about his looks. He was not the kind of man that Ryan would be attracted to, so he never approached him about a closer relationship.

While looking for a large Timber wolf that local residents had reported seeing in the area, Jack, who worked for the Department of Natural Resources, dropped by Ryan’s cabin with his partner Clancy to find out if he had seen anything since he lived in the largest open forestry area closest to the sightings. Ryan was not very cooperative and Jack felt that he was holding something back. He tried to impress on him the danger the wolf could encounter if a hunter came upon him and shot him, as opposed to being relocated to a sanctuary where he could live out his life in peace. Jack thought that Ryan was being secretive because he wanted to photograph the Timber wolf in the forest before he was captured, and later when he  found some of Ryan’s equipment and canine blood near the area of the latest sighting he was convinced that he had lied about not encountering the wolf.

When Jack returned to Ryan’s home the next day he was angry but Ryan soon managed to cool him down to a simmer by offering to take off his clothes and show him that there were no scratches on his body. Of course Jack took him up on his offer and one thing led to another, and before long they were getting up close and personal in Ryan’s bedroom as he made the first moves and let Jack take his best shot. But Jack wanted more than a one time bed partner so he played hardball and refused to have sex with him. However, Ryan had an ace and he was not prepared to let Jack walk away from him. Jack then played for broke and decided that he wanted Ryan forever or not at all. Would Ryan be up for the challenge? There was still a major hurdle that Jack wasn’t aware of –  could he love the wild side of the man he had always wanted?

Wild Thing had some very funny lines and reminded me of another book I had read by this author, She’s Got Balls, reviewed here. Here are a few lines from the book:

“Clancy, I’m going to fucking kill you,” he muttered when his partner finally got in.
“Is that a threat? Are you threatening to violently end my life? Do I need to file a harassment report?” Clancy mocked.
“It’s not my asshole you’re measuring, dickhead.”

“Bite your tongue” Jack scoffed.
“Better idea. You bite it for me”

“You’re supposed to be good on your feet”
“I’m better on your back”
“Jack, do you want me?” “God, yes.” “Then get your ass over here and stake your claim on my pole, because you’re the only one I want climbing it”.

Even though this story was so short Mia did a good job on the world building as well as the characterizations. Jack was great at his job but insecure about his personal appearance. He felt that he wasn’t much of a bargain in the looks department, but he was willing to go for broke because he had been in love with Ryan for a long time and was scared that if he didn’t hold out he would lose his only chance at a future with him. Ryan was confident professionally and also loved Jack, but was unsure if he would want him once he knew his secret. These two men had to learn to trust each other with their lives because taking a chance was the only way they could win at love. As usual the sex was hot and sizzled as Ryan and Jack made a tent in the woods seem like the best hotel.

Mia Watts is getting better at both her plots and characterizations and I think you will enjoy Wild Thing. Recommended.



  • Wave,
    Thanks for the awesome review! I actually sent that one to you for your personal enjoyment, but the review is a definitely bonus.


    Thank you to all the other readers posting here, too. Comments like these not only bring a smile to my face, but tell me I’m hitting my mark.


  • I definitely want to get this one. I’ve enjoyed Mia’s other work but for some reason haven’t read She’s Got Balls. Must correct that.

  • Hi Wave,
    Ah, “She’s Got Balls” was very funny. I enjoyed that one a lot, so I’m sure this is equally good. Mia’s got a good sense of humor and writes good characters. Thanks for the review. It’s a good one.

    • TJ
      I don’t want to give the impression that the humour is slapstick like She’s Got Balls but the story had some funny lines, even though it was more serious. I enjoyed the characters a lot.


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