Relentless (Southwestern Shifters #2)

Title: Relentless (Southwestern Shifters #2)
Author: Bailey Bradford
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing
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Genre: M/M Contemporary Shifter
Length: Novel
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

A guest review by Lily

Review Summary

A shifter romance that’s a bit heavy on the sex but is nevertheless an entertaining read.


Book two in the Southwestern Shifters Series:

Zane Mitchell is about to learn that you can’t outrun your destiny—especially not when that destiny is wrapped up in the form of one big, sexy, relentless shapeshifter, Aidan Criswell.

Zane is the alpha of the Gila National Forest pack of shifters. He’s been forced to make some very bad choices—like kicking out Mika Blackwell, a gay shifter who was once Zane’s friend. The elders demanded it, and Zane gave in to them rather than stand up to them.

When he and all other alphas of Southwestern packs are called to a mandatory meeting with the Dux Ducis—Aidan Criswell, the man in charge of all shifter packs in the Southwest U.S.—something happens that sends Zane fleeing in panic. He’s found his mate, the one person who can complete him—and the one person Zane knows could never want him because of his past actions.

Aidan Criswell is as shocked to discover the man he’d been ordered to investigate—a man who’d had a pack member banned for being gay—is his mate. But destined mates are always exactly perfectly matched, and once Aidan accepts that fact, he believes there is more to Zane’s story than meets the eye—and as Zane is soon to discover, Aidan Criswell is one relentless son of a bitch.


This is book two in the Southwestern Shifters series and even though I haven’t read book one I had no trouble following the story. Zane is the Alpha of his pack but it’s not a position that’s brought him much happiness. In Rescued, the first book in the series, he was forced to throw out one of the pack members, Mika, for being gay and now finds that his own chosen mate is a man. And not just any man since Aidan Criswell is the Dux Ducis, or second in command, to the Alpha Anax.

Zane is certain that Aidan won’t want a messed up Alpha as his mate and takes off. Determined to do better for his pack he heads back even though he knows he’s about to be betrayed. Afterward, gravely injured and needing to make amends before leaving the area for good, he heads off to see Mika and his mate Gabe. In the meantime Aidan is coming after Zane to claim his mate. When he finally catches up to Zane he’s surprised to find him being cared for by the very man that Zane had wronged earlier.

When Aidan and Zane finally meet they both fall under the “insta-love” shifter mate phenomenon but that doesn’t mean things are all rosy and happy between them. There are quite a few issues they have to resolve before they can get to their HEA future. With the help of their friends will they be able to overcome the danger that threatens them all?

Relentless is an entertaining story even though it’s also a bit predictable. Zane and Aidan, along with Mika and Gabe, are likable characters and I enjoyed their interaction as they slowly built an unexpected friendship. Both couples had good chemistry and the sex scenes are well written although there are a bit too many of them. It seems as if one or the other of the couples is always getting it on as they all have hair-trigger libidos.

The plot itself was interesting even though as I said earlier it was a bit predictable. The shifters meet, are instant mates, have tons of sex and battle a bad guy. What was different and kept the book at a 4 rating was the subplot of Zane’s past and how it’s affected his life and brought Mika and Gabe together.

This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I liked it quite a bit. Solid writing, an interesting storyline, engaging characters and some scorching hot sex scenes combined to make this an entertaining read. The ending sets up the next book in the series and I’m definitely going to be reading it. Recommended for those looking for a fast-paced shifter story with lots of hot man love thrown into the mix.


  • I liked the blurb of this one. But I saw that it was the second in a series and decided I had to read book one first. I like to read about couples in order of how they meet up.

    I think this publishers books are always heavy on sex.

    Lily, as I don’t know the author, does this work resemble the work of Kate Steele? I love her shifter books.

    • Hi, Ingrid 🙂

      I also like to read books in order but by the time I realized it was book two I didn’t have time to get it and read it. Luckily it really wasn’t needed although at some point I will read Mika and Gabe’s story.

      I’ve read a couple of Kate Steele books but it was quite a while ago. Sorry, I don’t remember her style too much. Nevertheless, this was quite entertaining.

  • Sounds like a good read when you’re in the mood for something like that. Sometimes predictable serves a need. I’ll have to think about picking it up.


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