The Vampire’s Prisoner by Scarlet Blackwell

Title: The Vampire’s Prisoner
Author: Scarlet Blackwell
Publisher: Self Published
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre: M/M Historical/Vampire
Length: Novella (61 pages)
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

A guest post by Lily

Review Summary

The story of a man fascinated by the Paranormal world and the Vampire who gives him an up close and personal look into it. This Historical is entertaining and quite sexy as well.


Doctor Alex Somerville has a fascination for all things paranormal. He arranges for a captured French vampire to be brought to his Victorian London home, where he plans to study the creature for a scientific paper. Arriving unconscious and burned by the sun, Raphael Lefevre’s survival as a lab specimen appears in doubt. But a vampire’s recuperative powers are legendary, and soon Raphael is making it clear that he is none too pleased by his situation. It’s not long before he sets about seducing Alex. Will Raphael be able to turn the tables and make Alex into the vampire’s prisoner?


Alex Somerville is a cynical, cold man who cares very little for others and lives his life fulfilling his own dark passions. He also happens to be a doctor and has a laboratory in his home which is perfect for his newest, secret acquisition. Raphael Lefevre, a six hundred year old vampire, was captured in France and brought to Alex’s London home to be studied for a paper he hopes to write.

Near death and helpless, at first Raphael is at Alex’s mercy but soon begins to gain the upper hand over the not so good Doctor. The men struggle for dominance amidst their growing attraction and soon the line between hate and lust grows smaller and smaller. When it disappears completely who will be who’s prisoner?

I really enjoyed reading this sexy Historical. Alex is a man who appears to have very few, if any, redeeming qualities yet by the end of the story he’d grown on me. Raphael on the other hand was a more sympathetic character, especially given how he’s presented in the first part of the story and I enjoyed seeing him gain the upper hand on Alex. Aside from the two main protagonists the story also features Jonathan, Alex’s very accommodating servant, who adds a touch of humor to the story with his sexual antics.

The events in the story take place within just a few days and the ending could be seen as either a HFN or HEA, depending on the reader. Overall I found The Vampire’s Prisoner to be an entertaining and well written story. It’s fast-paced and the characters are interesting, and if not likable, at least engaging. This is the second book I’ve read by Scarlet Blackwell and it definitely won’t be the last. Recommended.



  • Lily
    I have read and reviewed two books by Scarlet Blackwell, both contemporaries, and I love her writing so I will definitely be reading this one.

    This is quite an interesting take on a vampire and I like the way that the power shifts between the two characters. Scarlet seems to like a lot of humour in her books and I guess that Jonathan, the servant, provides that touch in The Vampire’s Prisoner. Great job Lily.

  • Sounds good. I’ve been on a short story paranormal binge lately and this will fit right in. I just loaded it on my Kindle.

  • This sounds very entertaining Lily. I like how Alex’s character grew on you by the end of the story. And what is it about vampires that so many of us find appealing? If they really existed, we’d surely be scared silly! Great review.

    • Thanks, Tj!

      It was a fun sexy read and you’re right… the Vampire fantasy is great to read about but thankfully that’s all it is. Hopefully 😉


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