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  • Wow, I have no idea if any of these gorgeous boys are left at this point (man, it’s been a LOOOOOOONG day o_O) but it doesn’t matter. I’m too tired to pick anyway. I’ll just enjoy the view this week 🙂
    **ogles the pretties**

  • My choice – number 13 – already gone, but he has inspired me. Now I have a picture of one of the heroes in my latest story.

    What an especially delicious selection of guys they week. Number 3 makes me chuckle, because I want to tell him, yes, he’s very cute, but to get off the pool table before he ruins the felt. 😀

    • JFM
      Somehow I don’t think No. 3 cares about the felt. I ummm have other pictures of him on the pool table which demonstrate that he has other things on his mind. LOL

  • Wow… there were 18 of these guys that I put on my want list and a bunch are already gone. But my third choice is still available so I’ll take #12. Lots of muscles and ripped jeans…yummmmm

    • Jeffrey
      There are actually 20 guys, not 18, so there are many choices today. No. 12 is walking up the road to your house right about … now. 🙂

  • #14 looks like he needs a merman to keep him company …I’m sure I had one of them bothering me the other day, perhaps if I could take him home…?

    • Tiggothy
      I decided that since this is the last long weekend of the summer I should give everyone pics of guys in the water, and you’re right I thought of a merman when I saw No. 14. Have a good time with him. 🙂


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