5th Ugly Covers Competition



cover no. 19


cover no. 17


cover no. 18

I’m enclosing 19 uglycovers, most of which were submitted by you. Unfortunately I don’t think they come up to the “ugly” standard we’re accustomed to but they will do. Enjoy. As always please select your favourites by number and Tam will do her usual wonderful job of selecting a winner. Thanks Guys.   

cover no. 16


cover no. 11


cover no. 15


cover no. 13


cover no. 12



cover no. 14


cover no. 11


cover no. 10
cover no. 5


cover no. 2
cover no. 7
cover no. 9

cover no. 8


cover no. 6


cover no. 4
cover no. 3
cover no. 1cover no. 2cover no. 2



I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


  • Oh my Wave, you really picked some awesomely bad covers this year….good job! I hope you have recovered lol! It was a close vote for me, cause #10 has me incredibly confused and scared however, I can’t quite see properly yet, but I must agree that #11 is….eeeeek! I read all the other comments, and I don’t have a single intelligent thing to add…..though Ethan’s comment still has me laughing AND shuddering, dammit!

    *runs off to search for the eye drops*

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