Cross the Mountain (The Mountains #3.5)

Title: Cross the Mountain (The Mountains #3.5)
Author: P.D. Singer
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: M/M contemporary romance
Length: Sip (27 pages)
Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5

A guest review by Jenre

Summary Review
A cute snippet into Mark and Allen’s HEA from Fall Down the Mountain.


Cross-country skiing is fun, and it’s good for you, everyone assures Allan. He’s uncomfortably aware that he’s a soft-in-the-middle chef getting advice from the skiing elite of the Wapiti Creek Resort, but his ski patrol lover, Mark, is sure that Allan can handle the equipment and the terrain.

Allan and Mark have a great time on the trails, but it’s pleasure for which Allan pays dearly. How will Mark convince him to go again?

The Mountains Series


We first meet Mark and Allan in the book Fall Down the Mountain which I reviewed here. That book ended with a few unresolved issues for the pair. Mark had been too clingy, too over solicitous of Allan which had led to Allan feeling stifled. In this sip, which takes place a few weeks on from the previous book, Mark takes Allan cross country skiing, a far better all round work-out than the downhill skiing which Allan prefers.

Many of the things I liked about the previous book were present in this sip. Firstly, the fact that Allan is a little bit cuddly. Both men are aware that Allan spends too much time cooking and tasting his own food rather than getting out and doing exercise and I loved that Mark uses the cross country skiing as a way for them both to have fun, and for Allan to get a bit of a work-out. I also liked that we are shown a progression in the relationship between the men. Mark has stepped back from being too clingy, allowing Allan to be the independent man he is. Now that the relationship is on more of an even keel, Allan is willing to invest more emotion in the relationship, and it was great not only to see the men spending time with each other, laughing and being close, but also to see how Allan is willing to allow Mark to take care of him, without feeling like Mark is overdoing it.

The story has a nice balanced feel to it, with the first part focusing on the outdoor skiing and the second half showing the pair at home together afterwards. There’s a great, hot sex scene, but also an opportunity for tenderness between the pair that elevated the story from just being a sexy encounter.

Those of you who have read Fall Down the Mountain will find this sip utterly delightful. If you haven’t read the previous book, then really to get the full benefit of this story you must read that book first. As for me, I found that Allan’s third person point of view brought a different perspective on the relationship and made me like him a little more than I had previously. Mark is still a complete darling and it was nice to get a little peek into the HEA of these two very likeable men.


  • It was a nice revisit with he guys and seeing how Mark had lightened up a bit. I’ve never tried cross country skiing and if Allan’s reaction is any indication I’m not really interested in it either. LOL

    • Hi Tam
      One of the reasons I could relate to the story was because I knew I would be in Allan’s position should I be silly enough to go cross country skiing :).

      • Now, really, why is cross-country skiing taking such a hit here?? True, I don’t go out that often (I need different skis and boots and poles), but it’s pretty amazing to be able to zip along through the woods on top of the snow. You travel so much faster than when you trudge along on snowshoes.

        • Erm , perhaps because I’ve never skied in my life and live nowhere near any ski resorts so probably never will. Also skiing is exercise and I try to stay away from that as much as possible ;).

  • I just read this one last night and, like you, really enjoyed how this showed the progression of their relationship and how they were both growing. 🙂

    • Hi Chris
      I’m glad you enjoyed it too. I liked seeing how Mark has calmed down now that Allan has laid down some ground rules.

  • This story left me curious about cross country skiing, eager to see hot ski patrol bodies in tights, and wanting my own personal chef. It’s also a nice visit with these two. Allan’s self-consciousness about his little bit of padding makes him endearing and easy to relate to, and I loved how Mark has learned his lesson and really tries not to be clingy. Great review!

    • Hi Eden

      Thanks :). I loved Allan’s wry comments about not being able to wear spandex pants, but then gleefully lusting after Mark’s bottom when he wears his. It made me smile :).

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