His Handyman

Title: His Handyman
Author: Lexie Davis
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Buy link: Amazon.com (Second Edition)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Novella (53 pages)
Rating: 3.25 stars out of 5

A Guest Review by Aunt Lynn

One Sentence Review: A “meh” read with which I had some issues.

This review contains what could be considered spoilers


One hot summer. Two horny men. It doesn’t take a calculus teacher to do this math.

In an effort to get over his ex, high school calculus teacher, Austin Beckham, decides to work on a long-awaited house project to pass the time of summer vacation. Problem, though, he has no clue how to build his dream deck.

Roman has worked in construction nearly his entire life and wanted a change after his father caught him with another man in the construction trailer on a job site. So he takes a lower-paying job at the local hardware store.

What started out as a simple question from Austin turns into something more when he invites Roman to his place. Playboy Roman is good with his hands but how will he handle matters of the heart?


Austin allows his sister to talk him into what was promised to be an easy summer job of building a deck to take his mind off of his ex. Running into problems and needing supplies, he heads to the hardware store for assistance where he spies an amazing ass attached to a great looking employee helping another customer. He asks the hardware guy, Roman, to help him with his deck and soon they are smexxin it up. Roman is a love ‘em and leave ‘em type, which got him fired from his last job working for his father’s construction company when he was caught in flagrante on site with another man. Working at the hardware store until he figure out what happens next, he is happy spend time with Austin. But the course of true love never did run smooth, so they have some hurtles to get over on their way to their HEA.

This relatively short read was…okay. While I was left with a “meh” feeling, some issues, and the overall sense that after I finish this review, I’ll probably never think of it again, some readers will think it cute and delightful and not have any problems with it.

I thought the story started out fine — I thought the writing was decent, the protags generally likable and the situation credible — but somewhere along the way it started to go downhill for me. Perhaps it was the character of Austin’s sister, who from the minute she was onscreen I found annoying and pushy. Or maybe it was that after a few times together, our heroes stopped using condoms with no discussion between them (Roman thought it was too much trouble and time to go get the condoms and lube in a different room, so that was that and it was never brought up again). Perhaps it was the fight Austin and Roman have about three-quarters of the way through the story that even after two readings, I am still unsure as to what brought it on and why it went like it did. Or maybe it was the reconciliation on their way to the inevitable HEA, where it seems as if they never really discussed what happened or why and then all of a sudden they’re in love and moving in together, which felt a bit unbelievable to me. Or maybe it was all of the above.


His Handyman could be of interest to readers of the genre and fans of the author.



  • Lynn

    I hate it when a character who is not central to the romance ends up spoiling the story.

    What you describe about the way the story ended e.g. the silly fight and the “reconciliation” is the usual syndrome of shorter stories – not enough time to explore certain aspects fully and something always ends up being short changed. Of course we MUST have a HEA!!!

  • Hi Lynn,
    I’ve found a lot of the same issues in other books that I’ve read and had the same reaction as you. I want to understand why the characters are acting the way they do, be it a fight or the condom use.


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