Fire of the Heart (Pembroke Eve Chronicles #4)

Title: Fire of the Heart (Pembroke Eve Chronicles #4)
Author: Mark Alders
Publisher: Extasy Books
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Genre: M/M, M/M/M/M fantasy romance
Length: 208 pages
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

A guest review by Jenre

Summary Review
The setting may have moved away from Pembroke Eve but book 4 in The Pembroke Eve Chronicles is still as amusing and exciting as the previous books, if a little too focused on the sex scenes.


Fire of the Heart is the fourth instalment in the Pembroke Eve Chronicles and takes place a few weeks after the Spring Dance.

Jacob, Callum and Zane are packing up for the night in the Food Emporium, when Mr. Barnaby bursts in, proclaiming Aloysius is missing. Where could a twenty-foot dragon have disappeared to in a small town like Pembroke Eve? And what’s more, when Jacob and the gang go to investigate, they are sucked into a wormhole that so happened to materialise right in the main street of the town. Coincidence? Hell yes!

The vortex is a one-way ticket to the dragon realm, where the problems for Jacob and his friends have only just begun. Why? Well, they’ve walked right into a time when the realm is at its greatest unrest, their leader, Aloysius, no longer there to guide them. If only Jacob could ask Mr. Barnaby for advice. Trouble is, he’s disappeared now, too!

To top it all off, Jacob unwittingly accepts an advance by a dragon shifter warrior named, Nottolu. The warrior claims Jacob as his mate and it’s up to Callum, his fiancé, to claim him back…even if it means his death.

Everything becomes a race against time. The gang must work together to find not only Aloysius and Mr. Barnaby, but to get Callum and Jacob back together, too. All before an all out war threatens to destroy everything, even the hope of ever returning to Pembroke Eve.

Can anything else go wrong? There is no doubt…

Pembroke Eve Chronicles


Reading the first part of this book reminded me of The Kenny Everett Show. Kenny was a British gay comedian who had a huge hit show in the 70s and 80s in Britain, and one of his most loved sketches was when he dressed up as a large bosomed female actress who gave a monologue telling us the plot of her new movie.  One of the lines in this sketch was always, “and all of a sudden, all my clothes fall off!”. Well, that’s pretty much what happened to Jacob, Callum, Suzie and Zane as they get sucked through an interdimensional wormhole and land stark naked in the land of the dragon shifters. There’s a reason for this, obviously, as everyone is naked in this dimension and so they’d look out of place if they had clothes on! Their mission in the land of the dragons is to find Aloysius who has gone missing, but unfortunately for Jacob the man in charge of the dragon shifter army takes a liking to him, and due to a mix up in the customs of the land, Jacob ends up bonded to the army captain.

One thing I noticed during this book, the fourth in The Pembroke Eve Chronicles, is that the sex quota has gone up quite a bit. In the last few books there were quite a few sex scenes, but the emphasis of the book was mainly on the action plot. Here there’s been a bit of a change around and the book is mostly sex, with a plot which, although interesting, didn’t hang as well together as the previous two or three books. The plot is mainly focused on the mix up between the dragon captain and Jacob and how Jacob is going to get out of being bonded to him, when he loves Callum, but also covers the rescue of Aloysius and some interdimensional goings on which are going to take us into the fifth and final book. Alongside that Jacob has sex. A lot. He has sex with Callum, with Zane, with the captain and all three together (which, I have to say, left me thinking ‘ouch’!), as well as having sex with Callum whilst being watched by a woman. After a while I began thinking ‘what? He’s having sex again?!’ and began wishing we could just get back to the plot, please.

Having said that, I still rather enjoyed reading the book. Jacob as a character has grown on me quite a lot during the four books and I find him a mix of quite endearing and amusing as he continues to fall in love at the drop of a hat and still act like a complete slut, sleeping with anyone who shows interest, whilst constantly reminding himself how much he loves Callum. I’ve even got to the stage where I don’t mind the vast quantities of bodily fluids he gets covered in during the books (although I did note that he actually had a bath during the book this time) and instead have got to the ‘eye-rolling’ stage every time it happens.  I was also pleased to see that my favourite character, Zane, is back too in this book and I still think that Jacob should ditch the wishy-washy Callum in favour of Zane, even if Zane is also in love with Suzie.

There were other things that I enjoyed too, such as the vastly amusing way that the dragon people greet each other (and the way that after a while Jacob completely accepts this as the norm) and the different customs which make up dragon society. I also liked the tense battle scenes between the two dragon tribes, as well as some of the plot reveals to do with Aloysius and Jacob. The only niggle, apart from all the endless sex, was that once again Suzie is relegated to a bit of a non-role, in which case I wondered why she had been brought into the story in the first place.

The book ends on a cliffhanger which leads us into the final book. I shall look forward to whether Jacob is able to save Mr Barnaby and the day for the fifth time – though I strongly suspect he will. As this is book four of a series, then I suggest that the first three books are read before this. If, like me, you’ve stuck with the series and enjoyed it so far, you’re going to like this book too. My favourite is still book three so far. Maybe the fifth book will change that.


  • Jen

    One thing I noticed during this book, the fourth in The Pembroke Eve Chronicles, is that the sex quota has gone up quite a bit.

    How on earth could the sex quota go up? Reading your reviews, I got the impression that everyone was getting it on everywhere. 🙂

    This book sounds very amusing and I can’t wait for you to finish the entire sereis so that I can start it. Mark has quite an imagination!