Squire (Indigo Knights #1)

Title: Squire (Indigo Knights #1)
Author: Jet Mykles
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Buy Link: Amazon.com
Length: Novel (165 PDF pages)
Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5

Summary Review: I liked Squire the first book in the Indigo Knights series, but not as much as the Heaven Sent books. I miss the glamour, charisma and excitement generated in HS.


Rabin Squire is on top of the world. At long last, everything is going his way. He’s about to go into the studio with none other than Brent Rose to put together a new album for his band, the Indigo Knights. Okay, so there are currently only two members of the band, but with Brent’s help, that’ll soon change. Things are looking up.

Then there’s Izzy, Brent’s cousin. Rabin’s never been interested in a guy before but he can sure tell when one is gorgeous, and Izzy is that. He’s also funny, and sweet and…sexy as hell.

Since he’s not gay, Rabin never expected to have a fling with Izzy. But Izzy says their having sex doesn’t make him gay. Rabin’s not so sure about that but if Izzy’s good with it, what harm can come of it? Izzy agrees; no one else needs to know.

Then an even bigger opportunity means that Rabin has to move away. So if the thing with Izzy was no big deal, why does it hurt when it comes to an end?


Rabin Squires felt it in his bones. This was going to be great. Why? He was going to be staying with Brent and Hell of Heaven Sent for a couple of weeks so that Brent could produce his band’s new album, and he couldn’t wait to get started. Rabin had filled in for Brent when he fractured his hand just before Heaven Sent was due to play at a New Year’s gig and they had remained friends. This was the break he and his band mate and friend Zane had been looking for since the Knights had been let go by their record company when their two recent releases tanked. When he showed up at Brent’s and Hell’s home the first person he saw was Izzy, Brent’s cousin who was staying at the house for a few months. Even though he was definitely heterosexual, Rabin thought that Izzy was very attractive and it was obvious that Izzy felt the same way about him.

While working with Brent on the new album Rabin noticed that Izzy was checking him out and Brent warned him that Izzy fancied himself in love with him. Rabin was not into long term relationships but was great with short term flings and had remained friends with some of his ‘overnights,’ but going to Chicago from L.A. meant that he would have to develop new f***buddies. Just before Rabin moved into his own apartment Brent and Hell went away for the weekend and he decided to scope out the action in the bars, but there was a little complication – Izzy asked if he could tag along. When they went to the bar Rabin couldn’t find anyone he wanted to hook up with and was leaving early, when Izzy decided to call it a night too since it wasn’t a gay bar and there was nothing there for him. Obviously when they went back to the house Izzy made a play for Rabin who caved so quickly I’m surprised he didn’t get whiplash. Jet Mykles writes incredible sex scenes so the sex was smokin’ and Rabin realized that he had a problem – he liked gay sex too much. The next day Rabin had a lot to think about — Izzy wanted them to continue to have sex, but keep it a secret from Brent and Hell since he had been in trouble recently.

When Zane came to Chicago to share the apartment with Rabin the arguments about the music started right away, and it was clear that he and Rabin were headed for a showdown. But before the big blowout happened they were offered a deal by their previous record company which had one downside for Rabin, it included their old band mates whom he hated. Moving back to L.A. was a good career move for the band but how would it affect Rabin’s new relationship with Izzy which might be turning into love?

What I liked

Brent’s role in Squire which was in the background and supportive of Rabin, allowing him to make his own decisions and mistakes but always being there to offer advice when it was needed.

Jet’s sincere attempt to make the characters different to the guys in HS, which was a good strategy but also had some downsides e.g. not enough charisma and spark between the characters IMO.

Izzy’s cooking.

Izzy take-charge attitude to define his and Rabin’s relationship so that he could get what he wanted before Rabin could object.

What I didn’t like

There seemed to be a lack of chemistry and excitement (except for a few fights) in book 1 of the Indigo Knights series – elements that were evident right from the start of Heaven Sent. The characters seemed pedestrian at times and there was no spark. Also, the fun that I was accustomed to in the other series was missing.

Although Izzy was 22 he acted a lot younger when he was around Rabin — like a teenager at times — maybe it was the emphasis on his small stature. I had a bit of  difficulty seeing them as a couple even though I really liked his character which was very appealing.

Rabin was het when the book started like all GFY books, but even for this type of story his switch to gay was so fast it made me dizzy.

Zane, Rabin’s long time best friend became homophobic and intolerant immediately after Rabin told him about Izzy. I guess homophobia trumps friendship.

If you’re a fan of Heaven Sent and are expecting the same level of excitement and larger than life characters you won’t find them in Squire. However, to be fair, I think it would be extremely difficult for Jet Mykles to duplicate the elements that made HS so successful. That series was awesome! If you’re willing to give Indigo Knights a chance to find its own level I think this will turn out to be an excellent series. I want to anticipate each new story with excitement the way I did with the previous series and I’m sure that with quality plots and protagonists this series will find dedicated readers. The new member of the band, Danny, should be an interesting character and I get the feeling that his story is next. Definitely recommended.

Indigo Knights Series


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  • Eden
    JM’s readers will love the book and I’m sure you will. I did as well – but my fave is still Heaven Sent. I know that this series is not intended to duplicate HS, still….

  • Sigh. I broke down and bought his book to add to the end of my massive TBR pile. My intention was only to take one tiny little peek. Before I knew it, I was halfway through and it was way past bedtime. So tonight I will once again shirk all responsibilities to finish reading.

  • Hi Missy
    I do welcome the new band but selfishly I wish that there was a little of HS in there, other than Brent helping produce the new album.

    I don’t know about Zane. 🙁 He would have to do a lot to redeem himself after being such a jerk. I’ll have to wait and see. 🙂

    When is your next book being released? LOL the other reviewers are lining up to review it.

    • Oh, I’m betting we’ll get to see some more of the HS guys since one of the places IK might play is The White Tiger, right? Everybody doing everybody a favor and all that.

      Wait. There’s a line of reviewers? :O I just got the word today that my next book (not the sequel) is looking at a late November/early December release.

      • Missy
        I’m looking forward to the new release. 🙂

        Reading this book reminded me that the only HS book I hadn’t reviewed was Genesis where we first met Rabin so I guess that’s on my list for next week.:)

  • I loved the fact the Indigo Knights are just getting started. I think it adds a lot of room for a lot of conflict {winks @ Wave} and makes me really curious about the rest of the books. I’m even looking forward to Zane coming back and maybe learning that friendship ought to trump fear.

  • Great review, Wave. I really liked this book too. I liked that it was slightly different to the HS books in that it was grittier because IK are a struggling band, trying to work their way up to the stardom achieved by HS during their books, which is why I suppose the HS books are more glamourous. There’s nothing glamourous about performing in seedy clubs or infighting in the band, which is as it should be really, given the subject matter. Plus I thought that Izzy was just adorable :).

    Very much looking forward to book 2 :).

    • Hi Jen

      It’s hard not to miss the elements that made Heaven Sent such a successful series. As I said in the review, I think Jet’s strategy of a different type of band from HS was a good one, but on the other hand, I think that resulted in the book not having the charisma and excitement of the former series.

      Of course there’s no glamour in being an up and coming band, but I expected more of a spark between the protagonists. Anyway, that aside, I think this will be an excellent series once it gets going and fans realize that the band is a different animal than HS. I’m sure that Jet Mykles expected the comparisons between the two series and that this one would have some big shoes to fill. I look forward to book 2.

      To be honest I really miss the guys in HS. 🙂

  • The GFY part didn’t really bother me, it’s something that I’ve come to expect with JM books, but it was the lack of chemistry, it seemed a bit forced and Izzy’s reactions did not make sense at times.

    I also felt a certain theme of hardrock bad pop good 😛 but that might just be me, because I’ve been defending metal en battle metal for a long time now (and concequently I see ghosts everywhere) but especially because of the drug use and the spaced out members.

    Other than that it was a good book and I enjoyed it, albeit not as much as the HS books 😀

    • Hi Larissa

      The GFY part didn’t really bother me, it’s something that I’ve come to expect with JM books,but it was the lack of chemistry, it seemed a bit forced and Izzy’s reactions did not make sense at times.

      Like you, I missed the chemistry of the other series which was evident from the first book, Heaven. I loved the characterizations in that series, maybe it was because the guys were all larger than life. Perhaps it’s not fair of me to compare the two series but it was hard not to.

      The drug use is expected I suppose in rock bands, regardless whether they are pop or hard rock or metal so that theme was realistic.

      I did enjoy the story and I hope Danny’s is next.

  • I loved the Heaven Sent series so much that the promise of even a small visit with the guys would prompt me to read this. Shucks, if Brent, Hell, or any of the other characters from the original series scored even half a paragraph in it I’d read. That said, I’ve wondered what happened to Rabin since Genesis, and curiosity, added to your highly informative review, means that money is about to leave my paypal account.

    • Eden
      It would be difficult to match the HS series because I said in the review – it was awesome. However, this is new ground with different characters starting afresh, so the glamour is missing but Jet writes so well that I think this book is well worth reading.

  • Tam
    I enjoyed the story but I found that some of the excitement I’m accustomed to in JM’s books was missing. Maybe I was expecting too much. Anyway I think it will be a good series and I hope that Danny’s story is next because I really like him. As for Zane, the less said the better.

    I do think that Rabin’s transition was pretty fast for someone who had never even been bi curious however GFY is GFY. 🙂

  • I enjoyed this one muchly. I guess I figured that part of Rabin’s quick conversion was that he had jokingly mentioned he might try guys on the TV show and had thought about it, so it wasn’t like an out of the blue idea. And unfortunately homophobia does trump friendship sometimes. I’m looking forward to the rest of the series, but I agree it’s almost impossible to live up to the Heaven Sent series.

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