Love Most Inconvenient

Title: Love Most Inconvenient
Author: D.J. Manly
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
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Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: Novella (91 PDF pages)
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

 A guest review by Tj

Summary Review: A very funny, sexy and sweet set of romantic comedies about finding love with the wrong people.

The Blurb:

Sometimes love can be most inconvenient.. At least it sure is in D.J. Manly’s new trilogy of deliciously devilish, sexy, romantic contemporary comedies featuring three couples, who most inconveniently meet the love of their lives!

In No Vacancy, Manuel returns to his apartment late at night fresh from an undercover job only to find a strange man in his bed.

In Right Before My Eyes, it’s love at first sight for Paul, who falls for the smokin’ hot DJ at the rock and roll radio station where he gets his dream job, only to discover that this guy could be the bloody poster boy for heartbreaker of the year!

In My Name is Dane, Mark kidnaps the guy responsible for getting his sister pregnant, a guy who insists his name is not Christopher, but Dane!

Experience the love, the lust, and the calamity, and see firsthand how love won’t be denied, even if it is bloody inconvenient.

The Review:

This is the first in a series of anthology books by D.J. Manly containing three short stories, all with the same romantic comedy style and a theme of inconvenient love. Let’s look at each story separately.

No Vacancy:

When Manny arrives home and unlocks his front door, the chain is on and his roommate is not answering his whispered calls, so he decides to go around to his bedroom and go through the window. Once inside he discovers who’s been sleeping in his bed and it’s not Goldie Locks! John is awakened in the middle of the night by someone breaking into his bedroom – someone big and hot and very angry about John being in his room. John thinks Manny is some delusional/rapist/murderer just itching to do him in, and Manny has no idea what to think about John. Why is he in his apartment and in his bed?

I have to tell you that this story caught me off guard almost from the first page. I laughed many times as Manny and John danced around each other in these first scenes. The dialog was witty and the banter between them was sexy as hell. You could just feel that under all of their bickering there was this chemistry between them. I was also pleasantly surprised that the main characters were pretty well developed and felt very real to me. Manny has the more interesting back story and he holds off telling it all for some time. I could easily see this as a movie in my head. And they get a very believable HFN/HEA. I was still chuckling about this story for quite a while after I finished reading. Highly recommended!

Right Before My Eyes:

Paul finally lands his dream job at the local rock and roll radio station, and meets the sexy DJ Marco, who could have anyone he wants just by turning his megawatt smile on them. Paul is immediately taken with Marco, but when they go to his apartment after drinks, he meets Marco’s ex, who is obviously very distraught and warns Paul that Marco is a heart breaker, worst of all this guy also happens to also be Paul’s predecessor at the radio station. Paul realizes that if he sleeps with Marco, there’s a very good chance that he will be pushed aside when something better comes along. Not wanting to jeopardize his dream job, Paul decides it’s best to keep Marco at arm’s length.

Through a series of events, Paul ends up moving into Marco’s apartment as a roommate, not a lover – he was dating another man, and this forces them into much closer contact. Marco and Paul have wonderful chemistry together, but Paul keeps his vow to avoid the heartbreak kid. There is a lot of fun flirting between Marco and Paul, and the fact that they don’t act on it makes it even hotter. This story was not as laugh out loud funny as the first one, but still had some great lines and the interaction between Marco and Paul is fun to watch. Also highly recommended.

My Name is Dane:

Veterinarian Mark finds himself in a tough spot. He had begrudgingly agreed to be the family member to talk to Christopher, the man responsible for his sister’s unwanted pregnancy. Christopher is refusing to take any responsibility for his part in the situation and Mark now has to meet and try to reason with what turns out to be a very large and angry man intent on escaping their “meeting” and maybe taking a little revenge on Mark as well. I can understand the anger being that Mark’s brother Frankie, drugged him and he’s now tied to the bed in Mark’s family cabin, claiming that he is not who they think he is.

This story once again has a lot of humor. Mark and his “prisoner” do a lot of verbal sparring and there are many lines that had me laughing out loud. And boy do these guys have chemistry – I could just feel the sexual tension dripping off the pages.

Love Most Inconvenient is very funny and a really sexy set of stories that I loved and highly recommend.

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