Review Process for M/M Books released by Carina Press

Many M/M authors are now published by Carina Press. If your books are released by this publisher I would really appreciate it if you could send them to me if you want them reviewed on this site. Each publisher has a different system for reviews – some send me all of their M/M releases every week, others  forward them on request. In the case of Carina (and a few other publishers)  they use a third party to distribute their books, and my problem is time to do a search to find their M/M books.

As you may be aware because I have mentioned this a time or two, technology is not my friend and I’m easily frustrated. If it weren’t for Christian this site would not be pretty, 🙂 and when he’s not around Lynn is my go-to person for technical help to  clean up some of the messes I create 🙂 so please bear with me authors. Many authors whose books are released by newer publishers already send them to me for review so I’m just adding one more publisher – Carina.

Thanks guys.


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