Quarterly Statistics to September 30, 2010

I was all set to be disappointed before Christian sent me his quarterly report on how the site was doing, since the last report on July 2nd. He kept emailing me during the past week with dire warnings not to get my hopes up, because September had not yet reached the numbers for August.  The first things I noticed in his email today were all the smileys and glasses of wine.  🙂  I’ll bet all of you thought that Christian, being of German descent, was a very calm and deliberate person. Well you’re WRONG!! He is a very funny man. Now on to the statistics.

We did well. Okay we did incredibly well!! Oh alright, we are rocking!!! 🙂 To show how much I’m jumping for joy I’m sending all of you a bottle of virtual Absolut vodka, including the hunk. 🙂

 I hope that Val takes her pills before she reads this report because she is a nerd just like Christian; last time she tried to bill me for the cost of a keyboard when she spilled her coffee. How cheesy was that? Kidding!! The numbers speak for themselves but I’ll give you a brief rundown:

Our total number of hits for 3 months was 17,088,329 bringing the grand total since we moved the site in the middle of July last year to a staggering 46,461,425. The number of actual visitors increased from 528,287 to 804,065. September was a banner month with 100,000+ visitors!!! This success is all due to the outstanding guest reviewers – Aunt Lynn, Jenre, Kassa, Val, Lily, John, Leslie, TJ, Buda, Stacey and our new movie reviewer, Nathan. I must give special thanks to Tam who always comes up with the funniest naughtiest posts. A huge ‘thank you’ to all of our wonderful contributors, most of whom are authors, and I appreciate very much that they take time out from their writing to post on the site and by doing so help their fellow authors and you, the readers. Of course Christian Otto, our Webmaster, is the one who keeps the site running and he knows how I feel about him. 

You bloggers have been incredible and I can’t thank you enough for always logging on and checking out the posts. Now if only I can get you to comment more on the reviews, that would be a great achievement and it would also make the reviewers happy campers. 🙂

I am very pleased that visitors have joined us from the following countries recently: Antarctica, Azerbijan, Iceland, Guernsey, Palestinian Territory, Yemeni, Andorra, Cameroon, St. Pierre and Miquelon, Cayman Islands, Kuwait, Belarus, Maldives, Iceland, Quatar, Benin, St. Kitts and Nevis, to name just a few of the 162 countries from where you access the site. Thank you guys for visiting and I hope that you will return as well as comment from time to time, and if you have any suggestions for improving the site please email me.

Here are the numbers in detail. Isn’t the chart pretty? LOL You can enlarge it by clicking on it.



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  • Congrats to all who maintain & work on this website!

    I visit often because it is a great place to find reviews, author interviews, and the many varied topics covered.

  • I found your site in the last 6 months, Jane Seville’s site recommended it for reviews. The reviews are helpful but what brings me back to this site so frequently are the extra articles and the friendly supportive tone of this community. I had my sons read the coming-out stories. The author articles are an interesting insight into the industry. Thanks to all the contributors. I can always count on smiling when I come here!


    • Thank you Reggie. We can’t be all things to everyone but we try to write funny, insightful posts as well as reviews. I’m so glad you had your sons read the coming out stories. That is I think the post of which I’m most proud and I thank the guys who let us into their lives for a few brief moments. They are wonderful to do what they did.

      Everyone on the site contributes in his or her own way and I appreciate them all.

  • This? Very cool. And a sign that people really do appreciate all you guys’ hard work… and possibly point others in your direction! 🙂

    Of course, with all the fun (and funny) posts, pretty pictures, fair reviews and witty banter, it’s hardly surprising that word’s clearly been getting out.

    Congratulations on such incredible stats! Well deserved!


    • Thank you so much Tis. I think its probably the the fun posts, witty banter and hot guys. LOL We do try to have fun while slaving away over those tough reviews – don’t want those authors to think we’re not looking when they try to slip one by us. 🙂

  • Hi Clare
    Thanks for commenting. I’m really happy with the stats and will try harder to keep all the regulars.

    We are all appreciative of the authors who help out on the site and while not every book is deserving of 5 stars or 4 stars we try to be constructive when we review.

    I understand how you feel but that was one author’s followers and she should be ashamed of herself for sending in her attack dogs. It just goes to show that there are horrible people in every profession. I hope you will feel comfortable enough at some point to comment again on reviews because the reviewers work very hard, and without feedback we won’t know if we are doing a good job or getting it right. 🙂

  • Marvellous statistics, congratulations on everyone’s hard work and commitment and just general overall LURV :).
    (and sorry for the late comment from me…)

    I did want to post here my immense gratitude for all the great work the reviewers do. I really do appreciate it as both reader and author, and I *love* reading them! But although I also appreciate your call for more comments from the readers – who doesn’t like feedback?! – I’d have to say that I for one am wary of commenting on fellow authors’ reviews, after being cyber-bullied the last time I did :). But I’ll certainly bear it in mind for future.

    Keep up the great work! 🙂


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