Dare Empire Cover Artist Competition

 As you may be aware, at the beginning  of January for the past two years I published the Top 25 covers that in my opinion were the best of those that appeared on the site the past year as I believe that cover art is extremely important from the perspective of  potential buyers . Well there is a world of books that we never see or hear about which is why, when I received an email about this competition, I thought it would be an ideal opportunity for  professional cover artists.

Dare Enterprises, an Australian media company,  is starting a quarterly Cover Art Award. The competition is open to cover artists in any genre. Submissions can be made by authors and publishers on behalf of cover artists, but the winning artist’s name will appear on the award itself.

The panel of judges will be from all over the epublishing Art Direction world.

There is no limit to how many covers one Artist/Author/Publisher can submit and the first entry is free:
You should send your JPEG Cover Image (min 300px High)
The Book Blurb
The Publisher
and of course your name to
Further information is available at Dare Empire’s website


The winner gets a Crystaline trophy (pictured above), and of course publicity through all the major sites affiliated with Dare.


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