The Subtle Build of Perfection

Title:  Subtle Build of Perfection
Author: L.M. Turner
Publisher: Cobblestone Press
Buy link:
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length:  Novella (19K words)
Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5

Summary Review: A lovely romance between two different  men which had all the elements to make it perfect.


Connor Morgan lives a life of mediocrity. Hopelessly single, he spends his time working at the video store with his insane friend Boyd. But Connor gets the distraction he needs in the form of his newest customer: beautiful, green-eyed Dane Masters. Before Connor can wrap his mind around their instant connection, he’s dealing with the kind of obsession that can only lead to disaster.

With Boyd’s dubious help, Connor manages to get Dane on a date, and soon they’re racing towards something that looks like a relationship. But fate has no intention of letting them find happiness so easily…


Connor lives the typical life of most men his age who work in a dead end job with no prospects. His best friend and roommate Boyd, who also works in the video store, helps to relieve the tedium of everyday life but it still sucks … until one day Dane Masters shows up as Connor and Boyd were having their usual silly playtime.  Dane was a dream but so far above Connor that he could only imagine what being with the man with the green eyes would be like. But Dane kept coming back to the video store for no apparent reason and Connor was totally oblivious and clueless to why someone like Dane would show up regularly in the store, until his gross friend Boyd set him straight. However, Dane was shy about how to go about asking Connor out but Boyd came to the rescue again, although  it took a couple of days before they went on a date.

Their first date brought out all of Connor’s insecurities about dating someone “above his station” when  he found out that Dane was a social worker, and he compared their jobs – one a no brainer job and the other a very responsible career. Dane was someone who vacationed in Italy while his friends had porn site subscriptions and the occasional STI’s.  He had never even been to college, something else about which he was self conscious and which showed the difference in their aspirations and lifestyles. He thought of himself as a scruffy video store guy and Dane as a Calvin Klein model, but they weren’t so different after all where it mattered – the way they felt about each other. Whenever they were together they didn’t want to let go except Dane wanted to wait a little while before they took things to the next level while Connor wanted to jump Dane’s bones as soon as he could find the nearest bed. 🙂  They went out twice after and things were going great, except that a few days later Dane stopped calling and Connor felt that his dream had gone up in a puff of smoke.

This was a really fun book and I thought that the chemistry between Dane and Connor was off the scale. Although they spent a good deal of the book apart during the latter half because of Dane’s job, they still managed to convey a lot of heat whenever they were together in person or talked on the phone. L.M. Turner named the book appropriately because there was a subtle build up of their relationship. What was evident was how much they cared about each other and couldn’t bear to be separated

The first book I read by L.M. Turner was Resistance which I loved so much I wanted to get a hold of other books she might have written. The Subtle Build of Perfection, which I believe might be the author’s first published book, was quite a good read even though it was short, and the characters were fully fleshed out. There was shy Dane who wanted to wait to have sex, and Connor who hated being made to wait for his treat. 🙂 The dialogue was funny throughout and the pacing was excellent. The sexual relationship between Connor and Dane wasn’t rushed and they got to know each other before hopping into bed. When they did have sex it was everything Connor wanted as Dane showed that waiting could make the sex hotter. Boyd, the friend from hell, was a wonderful character. No one would want Boyd as a roommate because he walked around naked when Connor was entertaining Dane, jerked off in the bathroom whenever he had a spare moment, and belched in public. 🙂 However, he really liked Connor and did his best to advance the romance so I couldn’t help but become fond of him. In addition the story is very funny and there are quite a few laugh out loud moments, especially with Boyd who almost stole the book.

If you’re looking for a sweet romance between two likable protagonists, where the angst is not drawn out, The Subtle Build of Perfection should be on your list.


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  • Funny- check
    slow building romance – check
    realistic characters – check
    This hits all of my major requirements. I’m sold Wave. Wonderful review as always. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    • Hi TJ
      I bought this book after I read and reviewed Resistance which I absolutely loved. If you haven’t read it you should.

      The Subtle Build of Perfection was written earlier and doesn’t quite have the same polish, but is a lot of fun and I enjoyed it muchly. Too bad Boyd is straight because I would have loved to read his story. L:OL

      • Oh Resistance was… fantastic *sigh*. I LOVED it too. I highly recommend that book to everyone.

        And damn it Wave, now I want to go reread Resistance and you know that slave driver who runs this wacky site keeps me way too busy to read for fun. And definitely no rereads. 😉

        • TJ
          What do you mena you have no time for re-reads? Doesn’t everyone re-read books they love? 🙂 And what’s with this “nose to the grindstone”? You and Buda are such …. I was going to say a bad word but I’m not allowed. LOL

          • Aw Wave – I have to keep up the illusion of how awful this gig is, otherwise everyone will want in if they know how really great you are and all the fun we Wave-ettes have.

      • TJ, my friend, I know exactly how you feel. I loved Resistance, too. Awesome story. It actually reminded me a lot of <In the Flesh. But, nose to the grindstone, my friend. Nose to the grindstone. 😉

        • Buda
          You have to flex your muscles, tighten your belt, push out your chest …. wait a minute – I was responding to your comment about nose to the grindstone and got carried away. LOL

        • Hey Buda-boy – I’m with ya man. Loved that book. I really do need to reread it when I get a break, but then there are always so many more new books to read.

          The only book I’ve been able to squeeze in rereading lately is Sno Ho. And that’s cause I love Ethan the most-est. Shh – don’t tell Aunt Lynn. Hehehe 😉 I can hear her screaming all the way from the other coast!

        • Buda
          I can’t imagine another man wanting Boyd – he’s too much. He’s very kind though so maybe there’s hope for him. 🙂

  • This sounds really good, and I have to check out Resistance too….so I will add both to my TBB list, as you have taught me how to manage both the TBR and TBB…thanks Wave for a great review, I hope I will be able to get to them soon 🙂

    • Elaine
      What am I going to do with you? LOL I thought you had hundreds of books in your TBR?

      Well if you’re going to spend money on a book I quite enjoyed this one and can recommend it. 🙂

  • Excellent, Wave! I was waiting for this one. I loved Resistance so I’m glad to see Turner was able to do it again. Will definitely be checking this one out.

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