Friday Guys October 8

guy no. 16

guy no. 15


guy no. 14

guy no. 13


guy no. 12


guy no. 11


guy no. 10

guy no. 9



guy no. 8


guy no. 7



guy no. 6



guy no. 5



guy no. 4



guy no. 3



guy no. 2



guy no. 1

guy no. 1A


I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


    • Yvette
      I’m afraid you will have to negotiate separately with the new owners. However I know tht Feliz is very reasonable so make your best deal.

      Now Tam who has No. 1 firmly in her sights is a different matter altogether. She wants to keep him to warm her up because today the temperature is going down to 11 C where she lives which is about 50 F so I guess she needs his fur. LOL

    • So you need work done to your “undercarriage” Andy? I think you probably need two guys – one to hold your body in the air and the other to do the actual work. I hope you don’t need a lot done because they are only available for the weekend. 🙂

  • I can’t believe nobody’s grabbed No 11 yet. Can I have him please? He looks as if he had a sense of humor, and he’s so my kind of guy.

  • Hot damn on two frotting sticks (sorry the last post is still in my head). They will certainly do!
    One of these days I’m going to make a selection of the hottest Friday Guys, dump them at the printers and hang them on the wall!

  • Wow, lots of super hot guys this week. But I cannot disagree that #10 is the hunk du jour. Those eyes! There’s really something about the eyes, as #3 is the other one I most…appreciated…even with all the lovely bare skin some of the others are displaying. 🙂

    • Happy Friday to you too Elaine. No. 5 needs to drop that damn towel so that we can have a look at his jewels – maybe the whole bag of goodies. LOL

  • These guys are nice, but can I have the two guys from the “frotting post” in jeans who are busy up against the boulders ? 🙂

    • Dianne
      Aren’t those guys hotter than hell? TJ sent them to me since ti was partly his fault that I wrote the frotting post. You know what to do – just click on them and they are ready to frot at your house. You can watch. 🙂

  • Wow! Number 6 is still available?? That one would keep me happy for a long, long time. 15 and 2 looked yummy too. Thanks for the beauties today. Always look forward to Fridays!!

    • Lovely Penguin
      I thought that No. 6 would be long gone because he’s hotter than a few of the guys that went earlier. There’s no accounting for tastes today. He’s yours . I would take him home quickly before someone else grabs him. 🙂


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